Since its foundation, China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) has actively explore the diversity of talent cultivation model, such as mathematics classes preparing teachers in the 1970s, Class A in the 1980s, advanced classes of sciences and engineering in the 1990s, etc.

Sun Yueqi Honors College, CUMT, was founded on July 3, 2008 to commemorate the mining mogul and the honorary director Mr. Sun Yueqi who has made great contribution to CUMTs development and talent cultivation, as well as to improve the training model, the quality of talent cultivation, the level of undergraduates and postgraduates and enhance strength of discipline (CUMT Committee [2008] No. 28). The college was named after Sun Yueqi. Its first president was Song Xuefeng, CUMT vice president. Its party branch was established on November 7, 2008 (CUMT Committee [2008] No. 39).

Sun Fuling and Pu Hongjiu jointly inaugurated Sun Yueqi Honors College, CUMT

Along with the development and reform of the university organization mechanism, Sun Yueqi Honors College, CUMT, was managed by the Teaching Administration Office, CUMT in May 2012. During the same period, the college general party branch was established. Bian Zhengfu, the director of the Teaching Administration Office, acted as the president and party branch secretary.

The ceremony of hiring academic supervisors for students in Sun Yueqi Honors College

In June 2012, in order to explore the effective way to realize the new model of talent training through international cooperation, school-school cooperation and school-enterprise cooperation and realize the implementation of combing teaching with research advocated by Safe and Efficient Coal Exploiting and Innovation Center, Sun Yueqi Honors College gave priority to cultivating prospective brilliant engineers to meet the requirement of modern coal mine management and tried hard to build a world-renowned cradle of mining engineers. According to the schools arrangement, Sun Yueqi Honors College selected and recruited some outstanding students from the Class of 2010 to form the Outstanding Engineering Class of 2010.

The students at Sun Yueqi Honors College have undertaken 20 National Undergraduate Innovative Trial Programs and 16 Undergraduate Practical and Innovative Training Programs of Jiangsu Province. They have won 61 awards at the national level and 36 awards at the provincial level. They have published 39 academic papers.

The students of the College are attending National College Students Intelligence Car Competition

More than 180 students of Classes 2008 and 2009 have graduated from Sun Yueqi Honors College, most of whom are pursuing a masters or PhD degree in prominent majors in CUMT.

After more than 40 years of exploration of creative and outstanding talents cultivation, Sun Yueqi Honors College has formed a distinct mode of talents cultivation. It focuses on Excellence, Personalization, Internationalization education concept, aims to lay solid foundation for the development of talents and takes as its objective Big Dreams, Strong Enterprising Spirit, Solid Basic Theory, Scientific Knowledge Structure, Fine Quality and Ability, Sustainable Development Potential. In addition, it attaches great significance to strengthen students practical ability and theory study, cultivate their world vision and global competition spirit, as well as the research-based teaching, the cultivation of individuality, internationalized education and the excellent quality of talents.

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The President: Bian Zhengfu  Tel.: 83590159 Fax: 83590150

The Vice President: Zhang Xing Tel.: 83592906 Fax: 83592906

Deputy Secretary: Xu Chen Tel. 83592903 Fax: 83592903

General Secretary of the Youth League: Li Yan Tel.: 83592909