1. Subject Contacts

Subjects Service is a comprehensive and profound service for schools and departments. CUMT library has appointed subjects contacting persons for every school, keeping informed of their documents information needs, and providing specific information reference services, academic evaluation and reader training.

Service Phone0086 516 83592022, 83592020

2. Subject Internet

The construction of Subject Internet is a resource construction service for every school and department of CUMT, mainly based on the need of relative subjects and disciplines to build a distinctive database platform containing expert's information, academic video, conference articles, journal articles, books, multimedia and other resources.

Contact Number0086 516 83592022, 83592020

3. E-learning

The teaching resources service platform built by the library is for the university as a whole, through which, teachers can present information of course introduction, teachers, syllabus, teaching courseware, teaching supporting materials, teaching plan, e-books, etc. and students can search resources for their courses.


Contact Number0086 516 83592058