College of Applied Science and Technology of China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) is located in Wenchang campus. It is one of the full-time general undergraduate education colleges, aiming to cultivate high-quality and application-oriented talents suitable to coal industry and our modern society in the course of modernization construction.

The College operates on the principle that has as its objective the application-oriented undergraduate education,and actively conducts education in various ways such as Second Degree and Order-style education. Now it has formed multi-type and multi-level education pattern and distinct school-running features. Its undergraduate majors are composed of mining engineering, safety engineering, mechanical engineering and automation, electrical engineering and automation, chemical engineering and technology, geological engineering and business administration. Currently, there are about 2,000 students.

The college has excellent school-running conditions, complete with infrastructure and beautiful environment. It also boasts a team of full-time and part-time teachers with comprehensive quality and reasonable structure. With modern teaching and laboratory facilities and supporting life and entertainment facilities, the college inherits the educational philosophy “a good scholar can apply his knowledge and learn the innovation” and the school spirit “keeping learning and practicing, being realistic and innovative,hardworking and self-improvement” to seize the opportunity and deepen the reform. It actively explores the mode of college-enterprise cooperation to foster high-quality and application-oriented talents. The college follows the rule of higher education, commits to reforming the teaching content, methods, and patterns, and actively establishes applied cultivation system. It pays more attention to developing students’ creativity and engineering practice ability. Enterprises get actively involved in education plan development, teaching activities and graduation project instructions and defenses. Some high-quality and stable practical bases have been established, which provide a solid underpinning for students’ cultivation and employment. Through unremitting efforts, the quality of application-oriented talents are gradually improved. Our graduates are spoken highly of by many coal enterprises and some students become the middle-level administrators. Moreover, both the patterns and achievements of the college have been affirmed and highly praised by Ministry of Education, State Administration of Work Safety, Jiangsu Province and enterprises. The college won the “National Coal Education Advanced Collective” title. The paper “The Innovation and Practice of Urgently Needed Talented Persons Training System in Coal Industries” received the Second-level Award for Teaching Achievements in 2009

The college pays lots of attention to the growth of students. It endeavors to make the good students more excellent and those who lag behind keep making progress. It tries to make every student a useful talent welcomed by employers. It encourages students to participate in various scientific and technological activities and aims to build its own brands with featured campus cultures. The college has been awarded in various national and provincial competitions. In the 2013 National Robot Competition and Robcup, the teams of the college won 3 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 1 third prize. Every year, students publish more than 10 articles in core periodicals and gain a number of national invention patents. The One Hundred Mines in Five Provinces Security Technology Long March club and Olympic Spirit, Harmonious Mine club won the social practice of college students advanced collectives of Jiangsu Province title.

New targets bear the weight of new hope, and new struggle records the chapter of new achievements. College of Applied Science and Technology of China University of Mining and Technology will take the spirit of the 18th National Congress spirits as its guidance, stick to the good teaching quality and distinct features to realize the colleges sustainable development and contribute to developing high-quality and applied talents for coal industries.