According to the Noticeon 2013 Common Colleges and Universities’ Record or Approval of Undergraduate Specialties (File Number One, issued in 2014), our university’s application for setting up themajor Statistics in 2013 gets the approval of Ministry of Education. Besides,complying with the decision made after deliberation by the Academic Commission, Information and Computer Science will be suspended as Statistics gets approved. So for the number of our university’s undergraduate specialties remainsfifty-nine, among which there are thirty-three specialties of engineering, sixof management, one of pedagogy, two of economy, nine of science, four ofliberal arts, two of art and two of law. Detailed information as follows:

SequenceSchoolCode of MajorName of MajorPeriod of SchoolingCategory of Conferred Degree
1School of Mines Engineering81501Mining EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
2School of Mines Engineering81801TransportationFour yearsEngineering
3School of Mines Engineering120701Safety EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
4School of Safety Engineering82901Safety EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
5School of Safety Engineering083102KFire EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
6School of Mechanics & Civil Engineering80102Engineering MechanicsFour yearsEngineering
7School of Mechanics & Civil Engineering81001Civil EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
8School of Mechanics & Civil Engineering81002Building Environment and Energy Application EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
9School of Mechanics & Civil Engineering82801ArchitectureFive yearsEngineering or Architecture
10School of Mechanics & Civil Engineering120103Project ManagementFour yearsEngineering
11School of Mechatronic Engineering80201Mechanical EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
12School of Mechatronic Engineering80301Measuring and Control Technology and InstrumentFour yearsEngineering
13School of Information and Electrical Engineering80601Electric Engineering and AutomationFour yearsEngineering
14School of Information and Electrical Engineering80702Electronic Science and TechnologyFour yearsEngineering
15School of Information and Electrical Engineering80706Information EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
16School of Resources and Geosciences70801GeophysicsFour yearsScience
17School of Resources and Geosciences81102Hydrology and Water Resources EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
18School of Resources and Geosciences81401Geological EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
19School of Resources and Geosciences70503Human Geography & Urban and RuralFour yearsScience
20School of Chemical Engineering & Technology70302Applied ChemistryFour yearsScience
21School of Chemical Engineering & Technology80206Process Equipment & Control EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
22School of Chemical Engineering & Technology81301Chimerical Engineering and TechnologyFour yearsEngineering
23School of Chemical Engineering & Technology81503Mineral Processing EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
24School of Chemical Engineering & Technology83001BioengineeringFour yearsEngineering
25School of Chemical Engineering & Technology081304TEnergy Chemical EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
26School of Management020301KFinanceFour yearsEconomics
27School of Management20401International Economy and TradeFour yearsEconomics
28School of Management120201KBusiness ManagementFour yearsManagement
29School of Management120202MarketingFour yearsManagement
30School of Management120203KAccountingFour yearsManagement
31School of Management120206Human Resources ManagementFour yearsManagement
32School of Management120801E-businessFour yearsManagement
33School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics81201Surveying and Mapping EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
34School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics82502Environmental EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
35School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics82503Environmental ScienceFour yearsScience
36School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics120404Land Resource ManagementFour yearsEngineering
37School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics70504Geographic Information ScienceFour yearsScience
38School of Electric Power Engineering80501Energy and Power EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
39School of Literature, Law & Politics030101KLawFour yearsLaw
40School of Literature, Law & Politics30302Social WorkFour yearsLaw
41School of Literature, Law & Politics50101Chinese Language and LiteratureFour yearsLiterature
42School of Literature, Law & Politics50302Television Broadcasting ScienceFour yearsLiterature
43School of Literature, Law & Politics120402Administrative ManagementFour yearsManagement
44School of sciences70101Mathematics and Applied MathematicsFour yearsScience
45School of sciences71201StatisticsFour yearsScience
46School of sciences70202Applied PhysicsFour yearsScience
47School of sciences80705Optoelectronic Information Science and EngineeringFour yearsScience
48School of Foreign Studies50201EnglishFour yearsLiterature
49School of Foreign Studies50203GermanFour yearsLiterature
50School of Computer Science and Technology080714TElectronic Information Science and TechnologyFour yearsEngineering
51School of Computer Science and Technology80901Computer Science and TechnologyFour yearsEngineering
52School of Computer Science and Technology80903Network EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
53School of Computer Science and Technology080904KInformation SafetyFour yearsEngineering
54School of Physical Education40203Social Sports Instruction & ManagementFour yearsPedagogy
55School of Materials Science and Engineering80203Material Processing & Control EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
56School of Materials Science and Engineering80401Material Science & EngineeringFour yearsEngineering
57School of Arts and Design80205Industrial DesignFour yearsEngineering
58School of Arts and Design130202MusicFour yearsArt
59School of Arts and Design130503Environmental DesignFour yearsArt