The program began in August 1998. The Changjiang Scholar (Yangtze River) award, is the highest academic award issued to an individual in higher education by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The initial funding for this program was provided by the Li Ka Shing Foundation, with the goal of helping Chinese university research attain the highest levels internationally.

Qualifications and conditions:

1.An applicant shall be prepared to work and live in the the People’s Republic of China, and have a high moral standard, serious attitude on doing research, and personal integrity;

2.An applicant shall have a doctor’s degree, be involved in the first line of teaching or research, be 45 years of age or younger (for a natural science position) or 55 years of age or younger (for a humanities/social science position); the age limit for an applicant from overseas may be loosened based on actual circumstances;

3.An overseas applicant shall hold an assistant professorship or above, or equivalent position in a first-rate university; an domestic applicant shall hold a professorship or equivalent position;

4.An applicant shall be capable of teaching a core course;

5.An applicant shall be well-versed in his/her field of specialization, with important research achievements generally recognized by peers in and out of China;

6.An applicant shall possess potential for strategic thinking and creative development of his/her field of work, and a capacity of making a major advance in the field or keeping at par with the latest international progress;

7.An applicant shall be good at team work and devoted to his/her cause, have necessary organization, management and leadership abilities, know how to nurture young scholars, emphasize the building of a well-tiered academic team, and have the skills needed to lead an innovative team in making breakthroughs;

8.An applicant shall undertake to work at CUMT for nine months or longer each year during the term of this appointment.

Provisions for the appointment and compensation:

1.In addition to the regular salary, benefits and insurance coverage to be provided according to the government regulations, CUMT shall provide an great annual position subsidy for a Distinguished Professor;

2.CUMT shall provide some research funding in accordance with relevant government regulations and the need of the program involved;

3.CUMT shall provide good working and living conditions.

Application procedure:


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