Reference Consultation Service is to solve various problems encountered by readers when using the library, which includes service items and rules, colleting resources and utilization, method of searching and so on in order to help readers use the library more effectively. The reference consultation service takes a first-enquiry responsibility that can be realized by means of on-site consulting, phone, E-mail, web, virtual reference, FAQ, etc. 

Science and Technology Novelty Search Workstation is identified by the Ministry of Education in 2004 as a ministerial workstation, and is also a Coal Information Research Institute, an ALevel Novelty Search reference institute identified by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The workstation provides Novelty Retrieval services on electricity, electronics, computer, automation, chemistry, chemical engineering, materialogy, environmental science, energy, machinery, biology, construction, hydraulic engineering and other science and engineering subjects for Jiangsu Province, Huaihai Economic,Zon-e, coal mining universities, government organizations, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, etc.

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