The university sets “developing the country through science and education” as its mission, and devotes itself to scientific research and development in its innovative ability. Focusing on the great demands in the coal industry, our university is the leader of science and technology innovation and has obtained a large number of high-level scientific and technological achievements in the field of green coal mining technology, security technology in coal mines, mining in deep underground and underground engineering, clean coal processing technology, eco-restoration technology in mining area, coal-replacing-oil technology, unmanned coal mining equipment technology, digital mine technology, etc. Since “the 11th Five-Year Plan”, our university has undertaken 770 national projects, including those in “973 Plan”, “863 Plan”, “National Sci-Tech Support Plan”, Major Projects of National Science and Technology Development, Natural Science Foundation of China, etc. and 577 provincial projects, and has achieved 34 national science and technology prizes and 1 Science and Technology Award of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation. The number of National science and technology awards that our university has received ranks high among the universities in China. In addition, our university has achieved 294 provincial science and technology awards, 3,407 authorized patents (thereinto, there are 588 inventive patents), 1,352 papers in SCI journals. The funds for research and development have been increasing rapidly, with annual average of over 50 million RMB at present. We have constructed complete and high-level platform of sci-tech innovation, has owned 2 national key laboratories, 2 national engineering (technology) research centers, 3 national engineering laboratories, 1 national university science park, 4 key laboratories and 2 engineering research centers of ministry of education, another 18 provincial key laboratories and engineering (technology) research centers, has founded many oncampus scientific research bases, such as the Internet of Things (perception mine) research center, Low carbon energy research institute, etc. Technology Transfer Center (TTC) of CUMT has been approved as National Technology Transfer Center and has achieved “Golden Bridge Awards of China Technology Market Association” many times.

At present, combining with national major demands closely, our university is pioneering in new energy technologies and is implementing wider and deeper studies on “coal-to-oil new coal chemical industry, coalbed methane/ gas power generation, the exploitation of residual coal resources, CO2 capture and geologic storage, wind power technique, Photovoltaic Energy Materials, etc.”

The Institution Setting of the Research Academy

OrganizationsOrder NumberNamePositionTelephoneOffice Location
Leaders of the Academy1Zhu ZhencaiExecutive Vice-President83590178West C311
2Ran JincaiVice-President83590176C309
3Chen XinzhongVice-President83590177C315
4Liu ChuanzheVice-President83590168C317 East
5Dong HailinVice-President83590163C317 West
General Office7Lai WeiDirector83590166C304 East
Project Management Center8Jiang WeidongDirector83590173C310
9Ye QingxiaSection Member83590173C310
10Zhang YiwenSection Member83590173C310
Natural Science Research Office11Li WeiDirector83590165C308
12Xiu WeijieSection Member83590165C308
Special Research Office13Ding DongDirector83590162C304 West
14Liu HuiSection Member83590170C304 West
Social Science Research Office15He LinDirector83590161C312 East
University-industry Collaboration Office16Wang WenlongDirector83590170C314
17Zhang MengSection Member83590170C314
Management Office of Scientific Research Platform18Zhao LiangDirector83590171C313
19Zhao ChunxiaoSection Member83590162C313
Achievements and Intellectual Property Rights Office20Zhang LichaoDirector83590167C306
21Zhang LianqunSection Member83590172C306
22Yang YangSection Member83590167C306