Now, get yourself a Visa.

   You can come to China with 2 kinds of Visa, Z (working) Visa and F (visiting) Visa.

   F Visa (less than 3 months) Application Process

   Application Procedures


    Z Visa (1 year or above) Application Process

   Application Procedures

   Foreign teachers and scholars who would stay in China for at least one year may apply for Z visa (working visa) 3 months before working here.

    Required Application Materials

Copy of your valid passport;

Complete and detailed CV;

Copy of your highest degree certificate;

Copy signed contract;

Copy of applicant's health examination report.

Marriage certificate if your husband/wife comes with you, and copy of his/her valid passport


   Under 65 years old
   2 years of teaching\researching experience

   After your arrival, you need to apply for Residence Permit in 1 month, and extent it 1 month before it expires.

   Now, welcome to
 China University of Mining and Technology, the staff or your department will help you get your campus smart card and any other things you need, if you have any problem here, please call them. Of course, you can also contact us, the International Offoce.