Delegation from CUMT Visit Pakistan and Indonesia for Educational Exchanges

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A delegation of six people from CUMT visited Pakistan and Indonesia under the leadership of Vice President Zhou Guoqing to further promote the construction of the China-Pakistan Center of Excellence in “Mineral Resources Engineering and the cooperation with the universities of the Indonesian Universities Consortium for Open Mining Method, from 3-10March. The Delegation consisted of the heads of the International Office, Graduate School, School of Minesand Chemical Engineering & Technology.

On the 4th March, the delegation held talks with Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, Prime Minister Advisor, former Minister of Education, former Minister of Science andDr. Nasser Ali Khan, member of Council of Higher Education, Project Director of PAF-IAST (Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology). Prof. Atta-ur-Rahmanwarmly welcomed the visit of the delegation and appreciated the efforts it was had made for CUMT as the first Chinese partner university to visit Pakistan and in building China-Pakistan Mineral Engineering Center. He said that the construction of the Pakistan-China Center is one of the key cooperation projects reached by Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, during his visit to China last yeararound the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the construction of the Pakistani people's livelihood project, it is also a major measure for the Pakistani government to promote talent strategy, realize knowledge economy and transform development. No matter in terms with cooperation between two countries or the internal reform and development of Pakistan, it has provided a good environment for the project. Vice President of CUMT, Zhou Guoqing said that since May last year, the two sides had signed a letter of intent for cooperation and frequently conducted a number of exchange visits, which laid a solid foundation for cooperation. The project is progressing smoothly under the promotion of Professor Atta-ur-Rahman. It is hoped that both sides will further refine the cooperation plan, better serve the development of the “Belt and Road, the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the development needs of both sides, andbring benefit to the people of the two countries.

Subsequently, the two sides discussed and reached a consensus in depth the details of cooperation in infrastructure construction, teacher training, personnel training, scientific research cooperation, and construction of science and technology parks involved in Center of Excellence in Mineral Resources Engineering. The two sides initially agreed that the school will take the lead in coordinating the relevant universities in the field of mineral resources in China, determine the contents of the cooperation agreement within one month, jointly form the selection committee, and start the selection of the teacher reserve personnel as soon as possible.In addition, it will be launched the first teacher training program in the second half of this year. At the invitation of Vice President Zhou Guoqing, Pros. Atta-ur-Rahman also promised to attend the 110th anniversary of CUMT.

The delegation also paid a courtesy call on Zhang Heqing, Counsellor of the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, and Wasim S. Hashmi Syed, Consultant of the Pakistan Higher Education Commission, and Hassan Daud, Director of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project and other senior officialsOn 5-6May. It was communicated on the construction of the Bachelor of China-Pakistan Center of Excellence in “Mineral Resources Engineering. Counselor Zhang Heqing expressed appreciation for the taking the lead of Pakistani cooperation in the field of education. He believed that the project was forward-looking and exemplary and expressed willingness to provide as much support and assistance as possible. The officials Higher Education Commission and National Development and Reform Commission of Pakistan also expressed their affirmation and support for the cooperation project between the CUMT and Pakistan, and hoped to carry out in-depth cooperation on the high-level personnel training, enterprise staff training and human resources vocational and technical training programs.

During the visit to Pakistan, the delegation also visited the site of the construction of PAF-IAST (Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology) and met with representatives of Oil & Gas Development Company, largest energy company in Pakistan and City School, one of the largest education groups.

On August 8-9, our delegation visited Lambung Mankurat University in Banjarmasin, Indonesia, State Polytechnic of Banjarmasin, and Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “VeteranYogyakarta” in Yogyakarta.

Yudi Firmanul Arifin, the vice president of Lambung Mankurat University, held talks with the delegation of CUMT. Universitas Muhammadiyah Palangkaraya, another member of the Indonesian Universities Consortium for Open Mining Methods also involved. The two sides of the meeting conducted in-depth discussions on study of the faculty and students of Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “VeteranYogyakarta” in CUMT, short-term mutual visits and exchange projects,mineral exploration in peatlands and environmental protection. Riswan Yunida, the vice president of State Polytechnic of Banjarmasint, reviewed the overseas internship program of the students in CUMT in January this year with the delegation, both sides exchanged and discussed that establishing a cooperative relationship and short-term internship program, teacher training program and the student's long-term degree program. At Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “VeteranYogyakarta”, the principal, Irhas Effendi and the delegation exchanged ideas on a package of topics involving students, teachers and scientific research cooperation, and reached a broad consensus on exchanging students to participate in short-term projects and jointly holding international conferences and teachers training to CUMT. The above schools have decided to send students to participate insummer school program of CUMT.Lambung Mankurat University and  Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “VeteranYogyakarta” will also send a team of principals to participate in the 110th anniversary of CUMT and join International cooperation platform of the International Mining and Higher Education Alliance.

It is reported that CUMT and Pakistan have jointly exchanged and signed a letter of intent for the establishment of the China-Pakistan Center of Excellence in “Mineral Resources Engineeringin 2018; in March 2018, two member universities of theIndonesian Universities Consortium for Open Mining Method visited CUMT and sent eight students to participate in the summer program held by CUMT last year; in January 2019, five students from the StatePolytechnicofBanjarmasin participated in the overseas internship program hosted by CUMT. This visit to Pakistan and Indonesia is not only fulfilling the commitment of Pakistan to promote the construction of China-Pakistan Center of Excellence in “Mineral Resources Engineering, and the need to upgrade the level of cooperation between relevant universities in Indonesia. It is also the implementation of the Belt and Road education action plan and meet the need of serving Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and opening up to the outside world, enhance the international academic influence of CUMT and the strength of international education.