Professor Chen Xing, the First Yueh-Chi Scholar of CUMT, was Employed As Deputy Editor of "BMC Systems Biology"

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Professor Chen Xing, first Yueh-Chi Scholar of CUMT, was employed as Deputy Editor of "BMC Systems Biology". "BMC Systems Biology" publishes articles related to biological models and systems, bioinformatics, and synthetic biology.

Professor Chen Xing is a doctoral supervisor of the School of Information and Control Engineering at CUMT. Here, he is also the director of the Institute of Biological Information. Professor Chen mainly engaged in the field of bioinformatics and systems biology. The research focuses on the exploration of important problems in complex diseases, non-coding RNA and network pharmacology, microbiology and other aspects by using complex network, machine learning, depth learning, graph theory and combinatorial mathematics. His work has important theoretical significance and practical guidance value.

Since June 2016, Professor Chen has published 23 SCI papers, and he has actively participated in academic activities. In addition to serving as deputy editor of "BMC Systems Biology" magazine, he also managed to organize two special editions in Current Protein & Peptide Science identity and BioMed Research as the lead guest editor. He has also organized a special edition in Evolutionary Bioinformatics as the guest editor. He has also recently served as a member of the procedural committee of ISB in 2016 and ISBRA in 2017, which are well-known meetings of bioinformatics. He is also a reviewer of 35 internationally renowned magazines and conferences.