[Lecture 03.17.2017] Destress Blasting – From Theory to Practice

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SubjectDestress Blasting – From Theory to Practice

Speaker: Professor Hani Mitri

Time: 14:30PM. March 15, 2017

Venue: A604 School of Mines


One of the most common methods that are practiced today for controlling violent rock failures such as strainbursts and rockbursts in underground mines is destress blasting. One aspect of the method involves drilling and blasting stiff, highly stressed areas in the mine like pillars, fronts, floors and sidewalls, to help dissipate the stress and energy accumulation, thus rendering a safer mining environment. Another aspect of the method relies on large scale blasting of a panel near the active mining area to create a stress shadow and help reduce the stress and energy concentration in the active mining area. While the merits of the destress blasting method are conceptually well appreciated by many mines, its efficient implementation in the field has been hampered by several factors. The diversity of the available information, the scarcity of well-documented destressing programs, as well as the absence of a dedicated design/analysis method are some of the difficulties associated with the practice of destress blasting. This presentation will review the background theory, benefits, constitutive modelling, and practice of destress blasting. Current research on the evaluation of the destress blasting efficiency will be covered, and future research directions will be highlighted.

Bio: Prof. Hani Mitri is the Academic Leader and Director of Mining at McGill University. His research interests focus on mine design, rock mechanics, shaft and drifting engineering in deep mine, rock burst mechanism and prevention in deep mine, etc. He has published more than 220 refereed journal and conference papers, which have been cited 533 times by other researchers in past six years. He ever acted as the Former Chairman of International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) (Canada Branch) and now is the Executive Member. At present, he acts as the Education Committee and MIG member of ISRM, the Chairman of TAC in Quebec Province, and the Branch Director of CIM in Montreal. Meanwhile, he is the Editorial Board Member of several international journals (such as Canadian Geotechnical Journal) and acts as the Chairmen of 3rd International Symposium in Mine Safety Science and Engineering, 2015 CIM Annual Convention, 3rd Canadian Conference on Computer Applications in the Minerals Industry, etc. The main awards/honors were John A Franklin Award, CIM Fellowship, High-End Foreign Expert Award, Distinguished Foreign Teacher Award, etc.