[Lecture 03.10.2017] To Be a Bright Person (About Life, Reading and Thinking)

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Subject:To Be a Bright Person (About Life, Reading and Thinking)

Speaker: Wang Kailing

Time:1900-2130, March 15,2017

Venue: Jing Hu Lecture Hall

Organizer: Communist Youth League Committee of CUMT

                      Student union of CUMT

A Brief Introduction of Lecturer:

Wang is a famous writer. He has won the China TV Golden Eagle Award and a variety of international documentary award.At the end of last century, because of the profound rational content and the spirit of the enlightenment in the creation, Wang Kailing was regarded as the "new youth" of China's ideological circles, the symbol of "new prose" in China. There are special comments on him in "Aodern Chinese literature".