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The School of Marxism, the former ideology and political education and research center, CUMT, was founded in April, 2011. The school is a teaching and research department of ideological and political courses. Currently, the school is responsible for students’ ideological and theoretical teaching and the education of undergraduate and master’s degree. It mainly shoulders the task to conduct research and academic exchange on Theory of Marxism and assumes the task of building the Theory of Marxism subject.



The school is composed of Department of Ideological and Political Education, Department of Basic Theory of Marxism, Department of Ideological and Political Education for postgraduates, Institute of Marxist Theory and Institute of Philosophy. It has a sub-discipline of ideology and political education for PhD candidates, a discipline of philosophy for master degree candidates and sub-disciplines of basic theory of Marxism and ideology and political education.



All along, China University of Mining and Technology has pursued the right political direction in ideological and political education, closely balancing social background and students’ thought, depending on class and after-class education, earnestly promote construction and reform in ideological and political courses. Consequently, we have established an ideological and political education pattern with characteristics of this university combining full-time and part-time teachers, coordinating class and after-class education, mutually promoting education and scientific research, coexisting between compulsory and elective courses, connecting theoretical teaching and practice.We have made academic research and teaching achievements including a provincial level Excellent Course Award, a first-prize and three second prizes of academic research and teaching at the provincial level, three Excellent Courses on ideological and political theories and four Excellent Multi-media courseware at the provincial and state level, an excellent teacher award in ideological and political teaching at the state level, three excellent individuals of ideological and political education and of publicity and education of rule of law at the provincial level, eighteen most popular teachers, excellent basic course teachers and excellent teachers for undergraduate education of CUMT.



The school attaches great importance to scientific research and subject building, promoting educational reform through scientific research and then advancing education, thereby achieving positive interaction between scientific research and education. In recent years, our teachers have undertaken two Programs of National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of China, seven programs in Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, eight Programs of Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu, published more than 20 monographs and 300 papers, and won over 20 scientific research awards at and above university level.





Office Phone




Chi Zhongjun

Overall charge of school work



Vice Dean

Bian Heping

ideological and political education administration; postgraduate affairs; S&R management



Vice Dean

Li Honghai

Personnel and finance; student affairs



Office Director for Party Affairs and Governance

Li Xiaodong

Personnel & administration; organization



Office Director for Teaching Administration

Liu Guizhi

Education; scientific research; postgraduate affairs



Reference Room

Li Jianxiu

Books; newspaper and periodical subscription