Prof. Jesse Zhu, of the Royal Society of Canada, was Appointed as a Distinguished Professor of CUMT

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On the afternoon of March 1, Professor Jesse Zhu of the University of Western Ontario, fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, was appointed as a Distinguished Professor of the China University of Mining and Technology. The ceremony was held in the lecture hall of the School of Chemical Engineering & Technology.

Vice President Zhao Yuemin issued a letter of appointment to Professor Zhu. Zhao Yuemin said that as the Chemical Science School of CUMT went into the world's top 1% of ESI, the development of the School of Chemical Engineering & Technology ushered in new opportunities and challenges. When developing a first-class university, first-class disciplines cannot be separated from first-class talent, especially from renowned academics like Professor Zhu.

There is a good basis for cooperation between Professor Zhu and the China University of Mining and Technology. He was appointed as a Distinguished Professor of CUMT, which enhances cooperation between the two sides and carries important significance for the development of mineral processing engineering, chemical engineering and technology, and other disciplines.Professor Zhu said that he had a number of ideas in mind for academic development and personnel training at CUMT. For example, he intends to set up a seminar on doctoral scientific research methodology to improve doctorate dissertations.

After the ceremony, Professor Zhu gave an academic report entitled "What Constitutes an Ideal and Perfect PhD Research Project - From Strategic Planning, to Effective Execution". He discussed his doctoral thesis experiences vividly and introduced creative ideas of previous dissertations. Through this report and later seminars, he hopes to train the ability of graduate students to identify problems, put forward questions, solve problems, improve the quality of high level SCI papers and assist students in completing high-quality theses.

A Brief Introduction of Prof. Zhu Jingxu:

Prof. Zhu Jingxu is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Engineering. He is a world famous expert in fluidization and particle technology. He holds an international leading position in the fields of several branches of fluidization of ultrafine powder operation. He has been employed as a part-time professor and chief scientist by many domestic universities and research institutes.

Professor Zhu's main research fields include circulating fluidized bed (technology which decreases pollutants released from burning coal), and ultrafine powder fluidization and other branches. While in Canada, he led a large scientific research team at the Particle Technology Research Center (PTRC) whose research work has been at the forefront of world coal energy science. They made a significant contribution in the research field of fluidized bed reactor and particle technology studies and havebrought about changes in industrial processes through their work, . This research center has first-class experimental devices and more than 100 researchers, and is one of the world’s leading particle technology research centers, publishing hundreds of articles each year.

Vice President Zhao Yuemin issues a letter of appointment to Professor Zhu

Prof. Zhu makes an academic report

The scene of the report