CAI Shihua,Deputy Party Secretary

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点击查看原图Cai Shihua,associate professor,was born inOctober 1965. In 1985,he graduated from Nanjing University with a Bachelor degree of the Chinese language and literature. He serves as Vice Secretary of CUMT Party Committee and Directorof Organization Department of Party Committee.


From 1985 to 1995,Cai Shihua was a full-time teacher in the Social Science Department of CUMT.In 1987 he was awardedthe title of the outstanding teachers in instructing college students' social practice in Jiangsu province, outstanding teachers in Xuzhou City in 1993, the school outstanding young backbone teachers in CUMT in 1995, and excellent staff of CUMT time after time. He has published over 20 papers ofhumanities and social scienceand some of his arguments have caught attention and quoted by the researchers from the mainland and Hongkong.


Since 1995, Cai Shihua is mainly engaged in CCP work, ideological and political work in colleges, education management and service work, and came to the current position in September 2014.