1000Plan Professorship for Young Talents

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A program for recruiting high-level scholars and talents from overseas was established by the Chinese government in December 2008. This program, popularly known as the 1000 Talents Recruitment Program (1000Plan), aims to recruit, in 5 to 10 years, and provide financial support for outstanding scientists and leading experts who will work in China and play a leading role in the development of high-tech industries or new fields of study in the nation’s major innovation projects, key programs of study or laboratories, central enterprises or state-owned financial institutions, or high-tech development zones or industrial parks. The "1000Plan Program for Young Talents" is a component of the "1000Plan" program, aiming to attract outstanding overseas young scholars/professionals.

Qualifications and conditions:  

1. The applicant shall have an academic background in natural science, engineering or technology;                                                  

2. The age of the applicant shall be below 40 years old;                                                                                                               

3.A doctoral degree obtained from a world-renowned university is required, plus over 3 years post doctoral research experience;       

4. The applicant is taking a formal teaching/research position in a well-known research institution or the research department of a well-known enterprise, when application is filed;                                                     

5. The applicant shall work full time in China when successfully selected into the program; if the applicant has already been working in China for some time, he/she is only eligible to apply when he return less than one year;                             

6.The applicant has outstanding performance in the field compared to his/her age group, and has the potential to become a field leader;

7. Exception will be given to the applicant who is about to obtain the doctoral degree, or has obtained the doctoral degree only recently, but has made extraordinary achievement during his/her doctoral training period.

Provisions for the appointment and compensation:  

1. The central government shall provide a one-time personal monetary award of RMB 500K;                                                          

2. Research start-up fund will be provided by the university;                     

3. The talent, spouse and children (under 18 years old) will be issued Chinese green cards, or 2-year to 5-year multi-entry visa;  

4. The allowance part of the income, for accommodation, meal, moving, family visit and children's education, during the first 5 years earned within China is eligible for tax exemption;                                                         

5. If requested, CUMT will help arrange employment for the spouse of talent commensurate to his/her educational and professional background;               

6. Children of talent will be arranged into the preschool , primary school, secondary school and high school affiliated to CUMT.  

Application procedure:  

1.The applicant submits his/her resume and job intention letter to kdrsk@cumt.edu.cn;                                                    

2. The application materials are reviewed by the related school;                  

3. The school invites the quality candidate to prepare the formal application package for "1000Plan", including

(1) Application Form (download software & instruction here) 1000Plan Professorship for Young Talents.zip  

(2) Tentative Employment Agreement (informal, in contrast to the formal "Employment Contract" to be signed after the candidate is selected into the program by the Central Review Panel of Chinese government

(3) Three recommendation letters provided by experts in the same field

(4) Photocopy of the candidate's doctoral degree certificate

(5) Photocopy of the candidate's passport

(6) Employment letter from the candidate's current employer

(7) Photocopy of the evidence of the candidate's major achievements, including major publications, patent certificates, and product certificates, etc.

(8) Proof of the major projects, which the candidate leads(led) or participates(d) in

(9) Photocopy of the certificate of the candidate's significant awards

(10) Other materials required                                              

4. CUMT conducts preliminary review at the university level;                     

5. The Central Review Panel of Chinese government organizes the documentary review;                                                               

6. The candidate who passes the central documentary review will be provided a training by CUMT for the oral defense;                   

7. The candidate takes the oral defense organized by the Central Review Panel;      

8. The name list of the successful candidates is announced countrywide for around 2 weeks;                                                         

9. The candidate without dissent from the public is formally selected into the 1000Plan Program and given the title of "1000Plan Young Professor";             

10. The entitled talent reaches an agreement with CUMT about the details of his/her employment package, and signs the Employment Contract with CUMT.