1000Plan Professorship for Non-Chinese Experts

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A program for recruiting high-level scholars and talents from overseas was established by the Chinese government in December 2008. This program, popularly known as the "1000 Talents Recruitment Program (1000Plan)", aims to recruit, in 5 to 10 years, and provide financial support for 500 to 1000 outstanding non-Chinese scientists and leading experts who will work in China and play a leading role in the development of high-tech industries or new fields of study in the nation’s major innovation projects, key programs of study or laboratories, central enterprises or state-owned financial institutions, or high-tech development zones or industrial parks.

Qualifications and conditions:

1. An applicant shall have a doctor's degree earned overseas;

2. 65 years of age or younger (the age limit may be loosened for an especially outstanding applicant);

3. Full-time engagement (no less than 9 months per year) at CUMT once recruited, for three consecutive years;

4. Tenured professorship or equivalent position held at a well-known university or research institution overseas;

5. Other academic qualifications and conditions applicable.

Provisions for the appointment and compensation:

1. The central government shall provide a one-time subsidy of 1 million RMB per appointee (this subsidy is equivalent to a state bonus which is exempt from personal income tax) plus 3 million to 5 million RMB research start-up funds;

2. CUMT shall determine the appointee’s salary and various cost-of-living subsidies according to his/her compensation level before coming to China;

3. CUMT shall provide an amount of start-up research funds, and assist in applications for external research funding in China;

4. The amounts of subsidies for housing, food, moving, family visit, children’s education, etc. included in the appointee’s salary in China may be deductible before personal income tax according to relevant tax laws and regulations for five years;

5. CUMT shall provide a apartment for the appointee's family during their stay at CUMT;

6. CUMT shall provide medical service for the appointee; his/her spouse and children may participate in China’s domestic insurance programs, including old age, medical, and employment injury insurance;

7. An appointee with a foreign citizenship, and his/her spouse and children coming with him/her may apply for long-term multiple entry visas valid for 2-5 years.

Application procedure:


Application materials:
1. Submit the resume and job intention letter to

2. Upon positive review, prepare the formal application package 1000Plan Professorship for Non-Chinese Experts.zip