Postdoctoral Research Progam

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering postdoctoral research program at CUMT was established in 1995 on the basis of doctoral program of power electronics and power drives which was the important national key discipline and specialty at CUMT. The EE postdoctoral research program is a comprehensive one covering the multiple disciplines such as power electronics and power drives, power system automation, electric machines and electric apparatus, communication system, measurement technique, automation control and computer application,etc. There are 27 professors and doctoral supervisors in the EE postdoctoral research program. The programhas been authorized and approved to apply for more than 10 projects supported by China Postdoctoral Special Scientific Fund, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and Postdoctoral Fund in Jiangsu Province. It also has undertaken and completed more than 20 various projects including the national science and technology research projects, the national natural science foundation of China (NSFC) and won several national and the provincial or ministerial level awards. More than 50 papers are collected in the SCI, EI.

Contact: Xia Chenyang

Office phone: 0516-83885961



Control Science and Engineering

Control Science and Engineeringpostdoctoral research program at CUMT was established in March, 2000. It is mainly engaged in the research of automation, electric, transducing and measuring technique, pattern recognition and picture processing, intelligent optimization, machine learning and the utility theory and technology of the related disciplines. It has obvious advantages in the intelligent optimization and control, machine learning and pattern recognition and other fields. A number of postdoctoral researchers have been joined and more than 20 has graduated in the recent years and become the corresponding subject leaders or the principles of the departments or colleges now, among which 2 has won the national Outstanding Young Investigator Award and 2 has been rated as the Cheung Kong Scholars.


The programhas applied for more than 10 projects supported by China Postdoctoral Foundation and Postdoctoral Foundation in Jiangsu Province. There are 15 doctoral supervisors in the station and 3 was selected by the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET), 1 was the winner of Jiangsu Province’s high level talents program and 3 was selected by the Object Talent for Jiangsu Province 333 Program. The station has also undertaken more than 20 projects including national 973 programs (the National Basic Research Program of China), 863 programs (the National HighTechnology Research and Development Program) and the national natural science foundation of China (NSFC) and has won 1 national and more than 10 provincial or ministerial level awards.


Contact: Gong Dunwei

Office phone: 0516-83995132



Information and Communication Engineering

Information and Communication Engineering postdoctoral research program at CUMT was established in 2009, and was authorized to award the primary discipline doctoral degrees in 2010. It also has two second degree subjects: communication and information system (CIS) and signal and information processing (SIP). There are 2 national platforms for teaching and research: National&Local United Engineering Lab of Mine Internet of Things Applied Technology and the National Electrical and Electronic Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and 1 provincial scientific research platform: Engineering Lab of IoT Perception Mine Research. The first-level disciplines of the station ranked 24 in the total 74 universities and 3rd in Jiangsu Province in the 2012 assessment by the Ministry of Education.


The station is mainly engaged in the research of all kinds of CIS and related theories and engineering application including information acquisition, transmission, intelligent processing and application. It has obvious influence in the fields of mine communication theory, mine Iot and mine informatization.

Contact: Li Shiyin

Office phone: 13805208576

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