Teaching Organizations

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Teaching Organizations


Teaching Experiment Center

Director: Gong Dunwei
Vice-director: Wang Xiangting

Deng Xianming

Jia Cunliang

Li Shiyin

Cheng Deqiang

Department of Electrical Engineering Teaching & Experiment

director: Deng Xianming
deputy director: Han Li

Department of Automation Teaching & Experiment

director: Jia Cunliang
deputy director: Chang Junlin

Department of Information Engineering Teaching & Experiment
director: Shiyin LI

deputy director: Leida LI

Department of Electronic Science and Technology Teaching & Experiment
director: Cheng Deqiang
deputy director: Liu Hai

Center of Electrical and Electric Teaching & Experiment
director: Wang Xiangting
deputy director: Yuan Xiaoping
Wang Jun


Teaching Experiment Center of SIIE

The experiment center was established in May, 2012 and engaged in the daily teaching and experimental work. It has 4 teaching departments, namely Electrical Engineering, Automation, Information Engineering and Electronic Science and Technology and 1 national electrical and electronic experiment center for the following 3 undergraduate programs: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Information Engineering, and Electrical Science and Technology, among which the former two majors are the national characteristic specialties. The faculties of the department are excellent. They have won 1 national award, and students they instruct have won more than 10 national awards in different competitions. The electrical and electronic experiment center is honored the national experiment demonstration center and the teaching team is awarded national teaching team.

Director: Gong Dunwei

Office phone: 0516-83995132

Email: dwgong@vip.163.com


Department of Electrical Engineering Teaching & Experiment

Electrical Engineering Department grew out of the major of Mining Electric Machine set up in 1950, which began to admit the postgraduates of Mining Electrical Automation in 1953. It was authorized to confer the doctoral degree of Mining Electrical Automation in 1981 and set up the postdoctoral Research Center of Electrical Engineering in 1995. The major of Power Electronics and Power Drives was accredited as the national key discipline in 2001 and then was approved to be the national characteristic specialties in 2008. In 2011, it was authorized to award the first-level doctoral program of Electrical Engineering.

The department now has 10 professors, 25 associate professors and 41 teachers who have got the doctoral degree in the department. Fiveare the winners of National New Century Talents Project, Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University under Ministry of Education, etc.


More than 40 national projects

Over 100 papers

Over 30 invention patents

2 National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology Award

Over 20 provincial and ministerial awards

The department is devoted to cultivating high-quality talents and has obvious advantages in the high-power Electronics and Power Drives, New Energy Power Generation, Power Grid and Mining Electric Automatization. It has 2 undergraduate programs namely Electric Automatization and Power System and Automation with over 1,000 undergraduates, 400 postgraduates and 40 PhD graduates.

Director: Deng Xianming

Office phone: 0516-83590836

Email: xmdengcumt@126.com


Department of Automation Teaching & Experiment

There are 35 teachers in the automation department including 10 professors and 11 associate professors. It is undertaking the undergraduate curriculum of Principle of Micro-computer, Automatic Control Theory and Programmable Logic Controller. It has 2 second level doctoral programs including Control Theory and Control Engineering and Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment, 1 first level master program of Control Science and Technology which is a key discipline in Jiangsu province and 1 postdoctoral research center. It has undertaken 25 projects includingNatural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), National 973 Program, and National 863 Program.


1 national award

15 provincial and ministerial awards

Over 10 invention patents

Over 100 papers included in the SCI and EI

10 monographs

Director: Jia Cunliang

Office phone: 0516-83590820

Email: jcumt@163.com


Department of Information Engineering Teaching & Experiment

Department of Information Engineering Teaching & Experiment is based on the major of Information Engineering. There are 7 professors and 14 associate professors and 8 part-time professors in the department, including 28 doctoral degree holders

It has the first level doctoral program and postdoctoral research center of Information and Communication Engineering. The undergraduate major of Information Engineering was accredited as the provincial characteristic specialty in 2003 and the national characteristic specialty in 2010. In 2013, it was approved to be the provincial key undergraduate major in Jiangsu. The teaching team was awarded as the Excellent Science and Technology Innovation Team in Jiangsu Province.

Projects and achievements:

12 provincial projects

Over 20 university education reform projects

Over 30 national and provincial and ministerial projects

Nearly 20 teaching awards

18 provincial and ministerial awards

16 innovation patents

Nearly 100 papers included in SCI and EI.

 Director: Li Shiyin

 TEL: 13805208576

 Email: lishiyin@cumt.edu.cn


Department of Electronic Science and Technology Teaching & Experiment

Department of Electronic Science and Technology Teaching & Experiment is devoted to cultivating inter-disciplinary talents. It has two professional emphases, Integrated Circuit design and Photoelectron Technology. The research directions are as follows: Micro Electronic Technology and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), Photoelectric Information Processing and Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit and Systems. There are 6 professors and 9 associate professors and 2 teachers with medium-grade professional title.


IC Design Laboratory

SOPC embedded system laboratory

Semiconductor material and technology laboratory

EMF and microwave laboratory

Photoelectric Laboratory

Director: Cheng Deqiang

Office phone: 0516-83590688

Email: chengdq@cumt.edu.cn


Center of Electrical and Electric Teaching & Experiment

Center of Electrical and Electric Teaching & Experiment was accredited as the national experiment institution in 2007 and won the title of national experiment teaching demonstration center in 2012. The center offers the related courses to nearly 6,000 students with the floor space of 8,119m2for experiment.


Over 80 national and provincial teaching awards

Second prize of National Teaching Achievements Award in 2009

Electrical Information Teaching Team as the national teaching team in 2008

2 courses chosen as the national excellent public courses in 2013

Director: Wang Xiangting

Office phone: 0516-83590831

Email: xiangtingw@163.com


Research Institute of Electric Safety and Intelligent Electric Appliance

The institute is a research institution which is a branch of the national key discipline of Power Electronics and Power Drives and the first level discipline Electric Engineering. Its main research directions are as follows: grid security monitoring, power quality assessment, test and treatment, urban railway system, intelligent electric apparatus and electronic lightning protection system. There are 1 professor and 7 associate professors, 4 doctoral candidates and several postgraduates in the center. It has undertaken 1 national project, over 10 government-funded projects at national, provincial or ministerial levels and other enterprise-funded projects.


8 invention patents

Third Prize of National Award for Progress in Science and Technology

First Prize of Coal Industry Science and Technology Award

Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award under Ministry of Education,

Second Prize of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award

Director: Wang Chonglin

Office phone: 0516-83885605

Email: chlwang@cumt.edu.cn


Research Institute of Power Electronics and Mining Monitoring

The institute was established in 2010, a high level research platform which engaged in the research of power electric converter device control and application, and mining safety monitoring technology. Based on the national key discipline ofPower Electronics and Power Drives and the Mining Electrical and Automation Engineering Laboratory, the institute researches the following fields: high-power AC drive control, new energy efficient power electronic power conversion, mining special power supply and controller and wireless energy transmission. It has undertaken 8 projects, including projects of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and National 863 Program.


Over 100 papers (5 were concluded in SCI, and over 30 in EI)

28 invention patents

Over 10 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards

Director: Wu Xiaojie

Office phone: 0516-83590819

Email: zgcumt@126.com


Research Institute of Grid Safety and Energy Conservation

It is a second-tier research institution of the SIEE, CUMT and engages in the research of dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic control, power quality detection and assessment, mining electromechanical device and automation, comprehensive grid protection and safe operation. It has achieved lots of research results, some of which like SVG, APF, comprehensive protector, integrated automatic supervisory control have translated into productivity and brought great economic benefit.


Over 50 projects as follows:

Coal Science Foundation

Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

Doctoral Scientific Fund Project under Ministry of Education

Key projects of Science and Technology under Ministry of Education

National Security Science and Technology

National Torch Project

National Technical Innovation Project

Research projects with Coal enterprises


9 provincial and ministerial awards

6 invention patents

Over 100 papers

2 monographs

Director: Shi Liping

Office phone: 0516-83892510

Email: shiliping98@126.com


Research Institute of Coal Mining Automation

It is engaged in the research of development, integration and installation of coal mining automation engineering and equipment. It also sets up experiment bases in Datun Coal and Electricity Company, Zaozhuang Mining Group in Shandong, Tiefa Coal Industry Group in Liaoning and Pingdingshan Coal Group in Henan.

At present, the institute has attained many patents in the fields such as mining integrated automation, DH ribbon conveyer centralized control, coal preparation plant integrated automation, DH drainage, television surveillance, remote control, ventilator or forcing fanautomatic control, elevator operation monitoring, enterprise informatization and optical communication. These technologies are adopted by lots of coal producing enterprises such as Tiefa Energy Group, Zhaozhuang Mining Group, Datun Coal and Electricity Company, Shanxi Coking Coal Group, Yunnan Huaneng Mining Group, Yanzhou Mining Group, China Zhongping Group, Panjiang Coal Electricity Group, Kailuan Group, Xinwen Coal Group, Hancheng Mining Bureau, Huaibei Mining Group, Wanbei Coal Electricity Group, Erdos Branch of China Coal Group and Shanxi Changzhi Xiongshan Group.

The institute is engaged in providing on-site backgrounds for the teachers who are studying the basic theory, and experiment sites for the doctoral students and postgraduates as well as project cases for the related courses to improve the teaching.

Director: Lei Ruhai

Office phone: 0516-83995668

Email: kdmkzdh@163.com


Research Institute Information Perception and Monitoring Technique

The institute is mainly engaged in the research of information perception and monitoring technique and has obtained breakthroughs in the fields of sensor technology, safety monitoring technology and automatic control.

The main research directions of the institute are sensor technology of the industry and mine information perception, monitoring and early warning technology of major disasters, intelligence and automation of the mining an engineering equipment. The projects in the research are as follows:

Real-time monitoring and early warning technology and equipment of mine e


Monitoring and early warning technology and equipment of mine water inrush;

Integrated intelligent mining management and remote monitoring system;

Key techniques of half-coal petrography TBM in the thin seam;

Equipment of fully-mechanized coal mining and intelligent control system;

Satellite remote sensing monitoring system of the industrial and mining environment;

IoT of the air pollution source monitoring.


There are 12 researchers including 5 professors and 7 associate professors in the institute. It undertook12 projects including National 973 Program, National 863 Program and Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in the 11th Five-year Plan and 12 projects including National 863 Program, National Science-technology Support Plan Projects, National Development and Reform Commission Projects. The institute has won 6 provincial and ministerial awards and 12 invention patents.

Director: Tong Minming

Office phone: 0516-83884517

Email: jctmm@163.com


Research Institute of Mine IoT Research and Unmanned Production Process

The institute aims to solve the problems of the information transmission and monitoring in the safe and efficient mining process under the complex mine environment. It is playing a leading role in the theoretical research and technological development of the IoT of mine.

The research team gathers other researchers of Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Mining Engineering and Control Theory and Engineering and breaks the theory and key technologies of the IoT of mine on the basis of National 863 Program and Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

The main research directions are as follows:

Mine information processing, early warning and monitoring

Wireless communications and networking under the challenge environment

Mine broadband network and multimedia technology

Automatic production equipment and faulty diagnosis technology

Director: Sun Yanjing

Phone: 13685198699

Email: yjsun@cumt.edu.cn


Research Institute of New Energy Power Generation and Electric Vehicles

There are 8 full-time teachers including 1 academician of CAE, 2 professors, 4 associate professors and 1 lecturer in the institute.

Research directions: