Introduction to the School of Information and Electrical Engineering, CUMT

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School of Information and Electrical Engineering (SIEE for short) is one of the main engineering schools in CUMT. It grew out of the Department of Mining Electrical Engineering founded in 1951 and was then renamed the Department of Mining Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Department of Automation Engineering respectively in 1953 and 1981. In 1995, the School of Information and Electrical Engineering (SIEE) was established.


The SIEE now has 3 undergraduate programs: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Information Engineering, and Electrical Science and Technology, among which the former two are the state-level characteristic specialties. It has 4 first-level disciplines, 2 first-level doctoral programs, 2 second-level doctoral programs, 4 first-level master programs, 3 engineering master programs, and 3 post-doctoral researchcenters in total. It also has the Power Electronics and Power Drives as the national key discipline and the national electrical and electronic experiment center and a national team of the electrical information-based teaching.


The specific programs are as follows:

1)4 first-level disciplines:

Electrical Engineering

Information and Communication Engineering

Control Science and Engineering

Electrical Science and Technology

2) 2 first-level doctoral programs