Office of CUMT CPC Committee and President Office

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Office of CPC Committeeand President Office consists of Comprehensive Division, Secretariat Division,Information Division, Legal Affairs, and Letters and Visits Division, ConfidentialDivision, Academician Affairs Office and Nanjing Agency. The Liaison Office ofCUMT in Beijingis also subordinate to the Office of CUMT CPC Committee and President Office.


Office of CUMT CPCCommittee, also President Office, is the comprehensive administrative office ofthe University Party Committee and administrations. Centering on the school centraltasks, the office aims at fully playing the role of assistants and consultantsto the leaders. Meanwhile, it is responsible for supervising and inspecting theimplementation of decisions that have been made. The coordination of alldepartments is also the duty of this office. With the faith of serving leaders,serving all departments and serving the grass-roots wholeheartedly, it isdedicated to its commitments: secretarial work, information gathering andprocessing, supervision and inspection, significant events organizing, comprehensivework management and other assigned work. In a nutshell, this office isconstantly improving the quality and work efficiency.


Contact Number: (+86) 516 83590060Fax: (+86) 516 83590070


Name: Wang Zengguo

Position: Director

Office Number: (+86)516 83590062; (+86) 516 83590010

Office Location: AdministrativeBuilding A427


Name: Fang Yueping

Position: DeputyDirector

Office Number: (+86)516 83590063

Office Location: AdministrativeBuilding A327


Name: Wang Sihua

Position: DeputyDirector

Office Number: (+86)516 83590065

Office Location: AdministrativeBuilding A323


Name: Song Bing

Position: DeputyDirector

Office Number: (+86)516 83590011

Office Location: Administrative Building A325