The University Academic Committee

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The Academic Committeehas 2 divisions: the University Academic Committee and the Professors Committeeof Grassroots Academic Units.

TheUniversity Academic Committee,led by the President, is the highest consulting and decision-making body, andis responsible for important academic affairs including talent cultivation,scientific research, curriculum construction, and the teaching staff affairs.

TheProfessors Committee of Grassroots Academic Units is the consulting and decision-making body of grassrootsacademic units, and is responsible for talent cultivation, scientific research,curriculum construction, and teaching staff affairs of respective units.


Mainresponsibilities of the University Academic Committee are as follows:

1. To elect membersof the University Standing Academic Committee.

2. To review the academic conditions of the university’s professionaland technical posts, and evaluate the academic level of various professionaltechnical posts.

3. To review theimportant academic affairs regarding academic exchanges and cooperation both athome and aboard.

4. To discuss theconference of Bachelor's, Master’s and Doctor’s degrees.

5. To review fund programsof scientific research, teaching, talent cultivation, and decide on candidacyfor awards in scientific research, teaching, teaching staff cultivation.

6. To determine academiccontroversies and investigate academic misconducts.

Afterdeliberation, the above-mentioned issues will be submitted to the University Councilor the University Party Committee for final decision.

7. To guide andsupervise the Professors Committee of Grassroots Academic Units to workaccording to the Charter of the University Academic Committee.

8. To review thework report of ad hoc committees.

9. To guide andsupervise the academic performance of relevant functional departments.

10. Otherimportant academic affairs commissioned by the university.


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