Office of Development and Planning

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Office of Development and Planning is afunctional department established in October, 2007, which is responsible for theresearch, discussion and demonstration of the university’s development andplanning, survey of important matters concerning the university planning, providingadvice for decision-making and drafting rules and regulations.


Its central responsibilities are as follows:

Based on the development trend of highereducation both at home and abroad, the Office is responsible for researchingand drafting mid-term, long-term and phased development strategies for theuniversity.

Based on the development goals, the Office investigatesand researches accordingly, provides advice or consultations for major reformsand decision-making, write research reports and cooperate with otherdepartments concerned in designing related programs.

Based on the policy of standardizedmanagement and managing the university by law, the Office draws up relevant reformdocuments and regulations, review and revise relevant special regulationsdrafted by the university.

To analyze and study the updated informationon higher education both at home and abroad, and regularly or irregularly providereference materials for the university leaders and reading materials for low-tierand functional departments.


To keep a close watch on and studyimportant theoretical issues intimately related to the university’sdevelopment, and accept the special research programs commissioned by the educationauthorities and the university leaders.


Director: Ding Sanqing

Office: AdministrationBuilding,A215

Tel. 0086 516 83590380

Deputy Director: Qi Huiyong

Office: AdministrationBuilding,A217

Tel. 0086 516 83590380

Office E-mail:

Office: AdministrationBuilding,A213

Secretary: Du Huihui

Staff member: Chen Peng