Institute of Science and Technology Research

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Executive Vice Dean

In charge of compilation of technologycommunications, and science and technology yearbook.

Assisting the dean with management of personnelaffairs, finances and daily matters, and responsible for Office for GeneralAffairs.


Vice Dean

Ran Jincai

Address: C309, Administrative Building

Tel.: 0086 516 83590176

In charge of basic, major, talents andgroup projects, and responsible for Natural Science Research Office and SpecializedResearch Office.


Vice Dean

Chen Xinzhong

Address: C315, Administrative Building

Tel.: 0086 516 83590177

In charge of scientific research platformin national, provincial, municipal and university level, work related withawarding achievements in national, provincial, municipal level, intellectualproperty, and academic exchange; responsible for Scientific Research Platform ManagementOffice, Achievements and Intellectual Property Office.


Vice Dean

Liu Chuanzhe

Address: C317 East, Administrative Building

Tel.: 0086 516 83590168

In charge of Humanities and Social SciencesProjects, Achievements and Platform, Contracts and Funds Management, andresponsible for Social Science Research Office and the Center of Project Management.


Vice Dean

Dong Hailin

Address: C317 West, Administrative Building

Tel.: 0086 516 83590163

In charge of enterprise cooperation projectand platform, work related with awarding industry association achievements, andresponsible for the Office of University-industry Cooperation.


Reseacher at the deputy-director level

Gao Guoying

Zhu Zhencai

Address: C311, Administrative Building

Tel.: 0086 516 83590178