Graduate School

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The GraduateSchool of CUMT devotes major efforts to improving the quality of graduatetraining and building a talent-nurturing mechanism and dense academicatmosphere. After years of striving, the Graduate School of CUMT has achievedremarkable progress and development in every aspect. Its scale extendscontinuously and it has trained high-level specialists in various fields. Bythe end of September 2013, the school has enrolled altogether 10,660 full-timegraduate including 1,470 doctoral candidates and 6,092 full-time graduates and3,098 part-time ones. Among these graduates, 8 Doctoral and Master's degreerecipients granted for outstanding achievement and contribution, 16 haveexcelled themselves in “National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertations”. In1999, the Graduate School of CUMT was rated “National Advanced Collective for Degreeand Graduate Education Management”.


In order to suitthe needs of our country’s socialist economic construction and culturaldevelopment, the Graduate School of CUMT is deepening its reform, graduallyforming a multilayer and multimode training pattern as well as multi-channel enrollment.In respect to testing methods, apart from recruitment through public channels, PhDeducation takes the form of “studying for a doctor’s degree without taking anentrance exam”, “successive bachelor-master-doctor program”, “successive master-doctorprogram”, “pre-doctoral program” and master-degree candidate education takesthe form of “exam-free entrance based on recommendation”, “individual test”, and“in-service staff taking the national exam for Master’s degree ”. In respect totraining modes, there are “full-time training”, “part-time training”, and “in-servicetraining”. In respect to educational objectives, the GraduateSchoolcontinues to train teaching and research talents for colleges and institutes,especially the practice-oriented talents such as high-level engineering talentsare needed in special trades andcoal mining enterprises.


Graduate educationin CUMT can be traced back to 1951, and in 1978 CUMT became the first batch ofhigher education institutions of the country to admit graduates. In 1981, CUMTwas approved by the State Council as one of the first universities authorizedto confer Doctor’s and Master’s degrees. In May 2000, CUMT was permitted by theMinistry of Education to run a pilot program of setting up the GraduateSchool, and in May 2004 the GraduateSchool of CUMT was officially established and was among 65 universities with graduateschools.


General Office

Chief: Huang Shi

Office: AdministrationBuilding 2311, Wenchang Campus

Tel.: 0086 516 83885549


Vice Dean: ChenRuiyan

Office: AdministrationBuilding 2313, Wenchang Campus

Tel.: 0086 516 83995059

Duty: In charge ofthe Academic Degree Office


Vice Dean: JiangLong

Office: AdministrationBuilding 3202, Wenchang Campus

Tel.: 0086 516 83885375

Duty: In charge ofgraduate student cultivation, affairs in relation to students’ school status,and work associated with innovative initiatives.


Vice Dean: ZhangLixian

Office: AdministrationBuilding 3204, Wenchang Campus

Tel.: 0086 516 83995021

Duty: In charge ofthe Graduate Affairs Office.


Vice Dean: ZhaZhengao

Office: AdministrationBuilding 3205, Wenchang Campus

Tel.: 0086 516 83995021

Duty: In charge ofthe Admission Office.


Dean: MiaoXiexing, vice President of CUMT

Executive ViceDean: Gao Jingxiang

Office: AdministrationBuilding 2307, Wenchang Campus

Tel.: 0086 516 83885785