International Office

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International Office, set up in accordance with thenational and provincial foreign affairs policies, is supposed to be in charge of the internationalcommunication and cooperation.

Its main responsibilities are as follows:

1.To draw up regulations over theinternational communication and cooperation of CUMT and supervise their implementation.

2.To draw up the work plans for theuniversity’s international cooperation.

3.To establish the relationship with overseascolleges and universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises,and formulate the relative cooperative agreement.

4.To be in charge of the planning and implementationof important foreign affairs of CUMT.

5.To offer relative information andassistance for international communication and cooperation in terms of teachingand scientific research.

6.To be in charge of recruiting foreignexperts in short and long term and foreign affairs management.

7.To handle the application, approval, andmanagement of the teaching staff going abroad on official duty for a shortterm.

8.To examine and approve the admission ofinternational students to CUMT and foreign affairs management.

9.To be in charge of interschool exchangeprojects, and the approval and management of degree application of returnees.

10.To be in charge of the promotion andplanning work for Union of Higher Education on International Mining, Energy andEnvironment.

11.To develop the communication andcooperation between Tourism Confucius Institute and foreign colleges anduniversities.

12.Other affairs assigned by the universityleadership.



International Office consists of Foreign Affairs Departmentand International Education Department.

Director’s Office

Name:Sang Shuxun


MainResponsibilities: Takingcharge of the overall work of International Office

OfficeLocation: Administrative BuildingA313

ContactNumber: (+86)516 83590259


Name:Wang Wenjie

Position: DeputyDirector

MainResponsibilities: Providingassistance to Director to manage Foreign Affairs Department and InternationalEducation Department.

OfficeLocation: AdministrativeBuilding A317

ContactNumber: (+86) 516 83592009


  Foreign Affairs Department

Name: Quan Xuehong

Position:Department Chief