Logistics Service Office

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Logistics Service Officeis an administrative organ to perform the function of logistics management andbuilding management on behalf of the University. Its main functions are asfollows:

The function oflogistics management is defined as such: in order to guarantee the quality oflogistics services and protect the benefit of teachers and students, Logistics ServiceOffice, as Party A of logistics, sign logistics service agreements with Party Bof logistics on behalf of the University. It will supervise, evaluate andmanage the logistics services provided. Meanwhile, the Logistics Service Officealso takes charge of the management and execution of the school reparationwork.


In addition, the LogisticsService Office is also responsible for the management of affiliatedinstitutions such as Offices of Five Commissions, neighborhood committees and suchentrusted units as the school hospital and kindergarten.


The function ofbuilding management is defined as such: the Logistics ServiceOffice will implement the management of all buildings on behalf of theUniversity. By appropriate means such as house rent or sale, maintenance, and non-gratuitoususe of public buildings, the Office aims at ensuring the use of the houses forteaching, scientific research and faculty lodging as well as improving the utilizationrate of housing.

Contact Number: (+86)516 83590327,83590324, 83880063, 83885298

Name: Liu Jianguang

Position: Director

Contact Number: (+86) 516 83590323

Office Location: Nahu Administrative Building C209

E-mail: jgliu@cumt.edu.cn


Name: Ji Pengyuan

Position: Deputy Director

Contact Number:(+86) 516 83590321

Office Location: Nanhu Administrative Building C211

E-mail: pengyuan196@163.com


Name: Mi Jinke

Position: Deputy Director

Contact Number: (+86) 516 83885267

Office Location: Wenchang Administrative Building 2119

E-mail: jkmi@cumt.edu.cn