Committee for Discipline Inspection, Supervision Office

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The mainresponsibilities are as follows:


uTo inspect and supervise the work style of functionaldepartments; to put forward supervisory proposals for the existing unhealthytendency; and to supervise the rectification.


uTo implement the resolutions, decisions andinstructions by the University Party Commission, the administrative office andthe discipline supervision and inspection organs at higher levels; to improve theParty’s working style and ensure a clean and honest administration; to combatcorruption and uphold integrity; to draw up the rules and regulations so as toestablish a clean and honest administration, and fully play the role of a goodadvisor for the University Party Commission and the Executives.


uTo handle the letters, calls and visitsfrom the public; to accept and hear the accusation of grassroots leaders, partymembers and ordinary workers as well as the appeal of the accused; to investigateand handle the above problems in time in order to protect the legal interestsof party members and masses.


uTo strengthen the communication with themembers of the University Commission for Discipline Inspection, the DisciplineInspection Committee of all levels, as well as party conduct supervisors andspecially invited supervisors; to give full play to the role of disciplineinspection and supervision in the construction ofthepartyconductandofanhonestandcleangovernment, and the work to combatcorruptionan dbuildacleangovernment; to report the information ofdiscipline inspection and supervision accuratelyand timely; to offer services for the school party and government leaders andthe higher authorities in the decision-making process.

uTo assist the University Party Commissionand the Administration with the democratic consultation activities for divisional leaders; and provide service for workrelated to the personal report on major events, income declaration and theauditing of people leaving their posts.


uTo actively participate in the examination,investigation and open recruitment of the divisional and departmental leaders;to supervise the construction project bidding, bulk purchase, the work of students’enrollment, examination, student employment, income distribution andprofessional title appraisal.


uTo maintain the Constitution of the CPC and observe the rules and regulationswithin the Party; to supervise and inspect the party organization, partymembers, especially leading Party cadres to guarantee that the party path, guidelines,policies, party disciplines, and regulations of the CPC are strictly observed.

Contact Number: (+86) 516 8359002083590270


Name: Zhang Wanhai

Title: Deputy Secretaryof the Commission for Discipline Inspection; Director of SupervisionOffice

Office Location: AdministrativeBuilding A407

Contact Number: (+86) 516 3590022


Name: Wang Lianghong

Title: Office Director (Divisionallevel) of the Commission for Discipline Inspection

Office Location: AdministrativeBuilding A409

Contact Number: (+86) 516 83590271


Name: Jiang Jianping

Title: Department-levelconsultant

Office Location: AdministrativeBuilding A409

Contact Number: (+86) 516 83590024


Name: Li Hongtao

Title: Deputy Director of SupervisionOffice

Office Location: AdministrativeBuilding A403

Contact Number: (+86) 516 83590021


Name: Liang Na

Title: Deputy Director of SupervisionOffice

Office Location: AdministrativeBuilding A405

Contact Number: (+86) 516 83590272