Audit Office

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At present, the primary services of Audit Office areas follows: the auditing of leaders’ economic responsibility, the auditing offinancial revenue and expenditure, the auditing of construction and renovationprojects, and special fund auditing. Over the years, auditing plays animportant role in promoting the University management and the construction of aclean and honest administration; meanwhile it contributes greatly to theeconomic riskprevention and improvement of fund utilization efficiency.


Audit Office is an internal audit organ of CUMT. Underthe leadership of the principal heads and assistant leaders, Audit Officeabides by the national laws and regulations, and also the University-levelrules and regulations. In strict accordance with the Internal Audit Rules by the National Audit Office, and the Internal Audit Rules by Educational System ofMinistry of Education, Audit Office earnestly implements the national internalaudit standards, conducts independent internal auditing, and faithfullyperforms the duty on auditing. It is subject to the university principal headsand will report on its work regularly; meanwhile this office is under theinstruction and supervision of the national audit office and the internal auditorgans of higher levels.


Audit Office ofCUMT, established in 1985, now consists of three administrative sections: ComprehensiveAudit Section, Engineering Audit Section and Special Fund Management AuditSection. It has a professional, well-structured audit team including 9full-time auditors, a team of senior auditors, senior accountants, senioreconomists, senior engineers, auditors, accountants and engineers.

The office location andcontact number of Audit Department

Director Office: AdministrativeBuilding C307

Contact number: (+86) 516 83590268


Deputy Director Office: Administrative Building C305

Contact number: (+86) 516 83590266


Comprehensive Audit Section: Administrative Building C302

Contact number: (+86) 516 83590265 83590269


Engineering Audit Section: Administrative Building C301

Contact number: (+86) 516 83590260


Special Fund Management Audit Section: AdministrativeBuilding C401

Contact number: (+86) 516 83590262