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The main research fields of the Schoolinclude Engineering and mining survey, Geodetic survey, Global positioningsystem and navigation, Photogrammetry and remote sensing, Geographicinformation system (GIS), Digital city and digital mine, Environment anddisaster monitoring, Mining subsidence and Mining under the village, therailway and the water, Resources and environment evaluation, planning andmanagement and Land rehabilitation and ecological reconstruction.

School of Environment Science and SpatialInformatics was established in 2000. Currently, it is composed of three departments,that is, Department of Space and Geographic Information, Department of EnvironmentalScience and Engineering, and Department of Land Management, one national engineeringpractice educational centre, ten institutes, including 3G InformationTechnology Application Institute, Mapping and Spatial Information Institute andso on, four research centers such as China-UK Joint Geospatial InformationResearch Center. Additionally, the school has some research platformsconsisting of National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory, Key laboratoryfor Resource Environment and Disaster Monitoring of SBSM, Jiangsu KeyLaboratory of Resource and Environmental Information Engineering, etc.


Talent Cultivation

At present, the School has 103 facultystaffs, including 88 full-time teachers, 26 professors, and 37 associateprofessors, and dozens of academicians, well-known experts and researchers areadjunct or visiting professors. Besides, Professor Li Deren, a member of the ChineseAcademyof Engineering and InternationalEurasianAcademyof Sciences was appointed to act as the dean of the School. Dozens of teachershold an important position in domestic and overseas societies and academicpublications such as Committee on Earth Observation Satellites, IEEE GRSS, InternationalSociety for Mine surveying (ISM), International Society for EnvironmentalGeotechnics (ISEG), and China Society of Geodesy (CSG).


At present, there are 1,430 undergraduatestudents, 398 postgraduate students, 176 students studying for doctorate and 12international students. The School boasts the first employment rate of above 99% and second employment rate of 100% for its graduates in recent years.The school has three first-class Ph.D. Programs, seven second class Ph. Dprograms, nine master’s degree programs and two centers for post-doctoralstudies, covering the fields of surveying science and technology, environmentscience and technology, environment science and engineering, public management,geodesy and surveying engineering, cartography and geographic informationengineering and so on. According to the the Assessment of China Academic DegreeGraduate Education Development Center, surveying science and technology isranked as No. 2 or No. 3 Some excellent students have the opportunities tostudy abroad, and the top fresh graduates can exempt from admission exam to geta master’s degree. In accordance with measures for the implementation of theconstruction of high-level university postgraduates on a governmentsponsorship, the School can select postgraduate students to study abroad. Inaddition to the school scholarships, there are Xiguang scholarship, Zetaischolarship, China Coal environmental scholarship, Xinan Scholarship, Xuzhou land resourcesscholarship, EV-Image scholarship, grade 95 students education grants and soon.


Scientific Research

Since foundation, the School has receivedthe National Teaching Achievement First Prize and a Second Prize, a specialaward of the Provincial Teaching Achievement Prize, four first prizes and twosecond prizes, three First Prizes for Provincial Excellent Courses, threeSecond Prizes, three First Prizes and three Second Prizes for MinisterialExcellent Teaching Materials, one National Outstanding Teaching Material andone Provincial Outstanding Teaching Material and two Third Prizes for MultimediaCourseware Competition. Three doctoral theses have been selected as the NationalExcellent 100 Doctoral Dissertation, two as the National Excellent100 Doctoral Dissertation nomination papers, six have been selected as theExcellent Doctoral Dissertation in JiangsuProvince, and five master’s theses havebeen elected to the Excellent Master’s Dissertation in JiangsuProvince.


Major Scientific Projects and the Achievements

Since 2004, the School has headed over 40projects including general projects, major projects and internationalcooperation projects from National Natural Science Foundation, nine 973 and 863projects, one National Major Scientific and Technological Project, 20 projectsfrom National Key Technology Support Program, 10 scientific research projectsfrom public service industry, one project from Institutions of Higher LearningDiscipline Innovative Plan and three projects funded by National ExcellentDoctoral Dissertation. The major research fields cover Engineering and Mining Survey,Geodetic Surveying, Global Positioning System and Navigation, Photogrammetryand Remote Sensing, Geographic information System, Digital City and DigitalMine, Environment and Disaster Monitoring, Mining Subsidence and Mining underthe Village, the Railway and the Water, Resources and Environment Evaluation, Planningand Management and Land Rehabilitation and Ecological Reconstruction, LandResources Management and Appraisal of Real Estate, Air Pollution Control andWater Resources protection, Mine Water Disaster and Geological DisasterPrevention and Control, Solid Waste Disposal, Cleaner Production and CircularEconomy and so on. Besides, the School has won six National Science andTechnology Progress, 16 first prizes, 25 second prizes and 15 third prizes ofprovincial science and technology Progress and one gold award in national GISengineering. The School has published 30 teaching materials and books, andthousands of papers in the journals such as Science.



Ex-Chancellor Schröder was visiting Research Center of Sino-Germany Energy and Mining Ecological Environment





Li Weisen, the deputy director of Ministry of Land and Resources was inspecting our department.



The department was holding “International seminar of Geospatial Information Technology and the Applications in the Environment.