Office of Human Resources

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OHE isresponsible for executing the policies or guidelines of nationalpersonnel work, formulating regulations of personnel management andhuman resource development, studying the trend and direction of humanresources development, preparing highly creative leaders, andproviding a vibrant and diverse work community where individuals canthrive and contribute to CUMT education cause.

Specificresponsibilities are as follows

1.Responsiblefor setting up organizations at the sectional level of theuniversity, and working in coordination with the OrganizationDepartment to recruit, appraise and manage cadres at the sectionallevel.

2.Responsiblefor deciding on and recruiting the number of staff needed for allkinds of posts available in the university.

3.Responsiblefor the annual work assessment of staff and faculty, appraisal oftheir work in an employment period, and also recommendation ofpersonnel for best work, rewards-penalties, ratification ofleave-taking or verification of returning to work after leave ofabsence.

4.Responsiblefor staff allocation.

5.Responsiblefor signing labor contracts with staff and faculty, and management ofnon-institution personnel.

6.Responsiblefor salary administration, social insurance and staff welfare.

7.OHE isresponsible for teaching staff construction and making relatedpolices.


8.OHE isresponsible for talent introduction and teaching staff supplement.

9.OHE isresponsible for training, selecting, and inspecting reserve personneland perspective students of various talent projects and recruitmentof part-time teacher.

10.OHE isresponsible for reviewing teachers and other professional andtechnical posts.

11.OHE isresponsible for organizing and declaring advanced study and trainingplans for teaching staff to research both at home and abroad,selecting training personnel, receiving visitors and contacting withexternal personnel.

12.OHE isresponsible for admission and graduation of postdoctoral researchersas well as daily matters.

13.OHE isresponsible for the recommendation of define the level or scale ofworkers and the evaluation and employment of technicians.

14.OHE isresponsible for submitting the materials including appraisal of workcapacity, work-related injury certification, and the evaluation ofdisability degree.

15.OHE isresponsible for the management of personnel archives of all staff.

16.OHE isresponsible for the management of CUMT branch center of Jiangsutalent service center.

17.OHE isresponsible for the management of post-waiting personnel.

18.OHE isresponsible for the management of personnel information and thereport of statistical material.

NameTitleResponsibilities Address E-mail
Zhong Xiaodong DirectorIn charge of overall arrangement, and Office of Teaching StaffA209, Administrative Building
Ge RufengDeputy DirectorResponsible for the work in Office of Teaching Staff, personnel management Division and the Talents Exchange Office.A205, Administrative
Wang Mengqiu Deputy DirectorResponsible for the work in Office of Labor and Capital & Insurance, Personnel Archives Section, and CUMT branch center of Jiangsu talent service center.A207, Administrative
Wang LiResearcher at deputy-director level Responsible for the work in Talents Exchange Office and Personnel Archives Section.A200, Administrative
Office of Talent Recruitment (OTR)
Name Title Responsibilities Address E-mail
Zhong XiaodongDirector In charge of overall work in OTR.A209, Administrative
Gao DingDeputy DirectorResponsible for the work in Office of High-level Personnel and Postdoctoral Management Office.A202, Administrative