The Brief Introduction to School of Arts and Design

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School of Arts and Design is established in December of present, it has two academic MA programs of Design and Fine Arts, three specialized MA programs of Art Design, Art and Industrial Design Engineering aswell as three undergraduate programs of Environmental Design, Industrial Designand Musicology. Among them, Art Design is one Jiangsu Province CharacterizedSpecialty. The school now has more than 1200students and 56 full-time teachers.Among these teachers, there are eight professors and 17 associateprofessors.

Design,aimed at the study of human’s creative behaviors, is the discipline thatfocuses on targets, connotation, values, methods, explanation and evaluationsystem of design. Its major research orientations include garden and landscapedesign, interior environment design, industrial design, visual communicationand media design. Professor Jing Lu is the academic pacesetter.

FineArt, with art creation as well as its inherent law as research subject,conducts practical and historical research. It is a comprehensive disciplinewith both creative and theoretical properties. Its research fields includepainting, public art, etc. Professor Xu Gang is the academic pacesetter.

Theschool devotes itself to the cultivation of specialized, highly competent andcreative talents and has made prominent achievements. In recent years, studentsof the school have acquired over 380 prizes for their works in all types ofdiscipline competitions, published more than one hundred academic papers,assumed or participated in sixty- plus innovation and entrepreneurship programsas well as social practice programs and obtained more than one hundred items ofpatent licensing. Besides, five graduation design theses have been rated as Jiangsu Province Excellent Graduation Design Thesis.