A Brief Introduction to the disciplines of School of Arts and Design

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School of Arts and Design, established in December of 2003, is a combination of the Department of Environmental Art Design of original School of Civil Engineering, Department of Industrial Design of School of Electromechanical and Materials Engineering and Arts Education Center for College Students. So far, the school has three departments of Art Design, Industrial Design and Music, two centers for Design Teaching and Experiment Teaching, 2 master degree programs of academic type of Design and Fine Arts, 3 master degree programs of professional type of Art Design, Art and Industrial Design Engineering, as well as 3 undergraduate majors of Environmental Art Design, Industrial Design and Music. The school now has a teaching and administrative staff of 68 members and, among the 56 full-time teachers, there are 8 professors, 16 associate professors, 8 doctors, 12 PhD candidates, and 41 master degree candidates. At the moment, there are over 200 postgraduates and more than 1,000 undergraduates at the school.

The school has a strong team of faculty. As it attaches great importance to faculty construction, a teaching troop characteristic of distinct academic levels, reasonable structure, excellent teaching methods, good professional ethics, and innovative spirit. Works of teachers has once been awarded national gold medal and national as well as provincial prizes for many times, and staff members have so far published over 20 monographs, more than 100 treatises in core publications. The school has established a province-level characteristic specialty, which has been awarded many prizes for teaching achievements at provincial and ministerial level, 30-plus prizes for excellent teaching achievements, curriculum and teaching quality at university level and been responsible for various research tasks. In the National Interior Design Competition of Young Students, “Dongguan Cup” International Industrial Design Competition, CCTV Young Singers Competition as well as other high-level discipline competitions, students of this school also have achieved outstanding performance and their works are granted over 200 awards for several consecutive years.

The school takes seriously its communication and exchange with domestic and foreign competitive colleges and universities as well as enterprises and institutions. It has successively conducted education cooperation with quite a few foreign renowned institutions of high learning, including Technische Universität Berlin, Universitaet Duisburg-Essen, these two Germany universities, etc. Besides, it has invited many famous Chinese and foreign scholars as its adjunct professors and carried out multi-level international communication and cooperation programs like cooperative teaching, mutual visits between two parties, and academic exchanges. In addition, it has successively established close partnership with Xuzhou Macalline as well as other enterprises. In particular, it has established Xuzhou Industrial Design Center jointly with Xuzhou City and carried out various forms of social service activities including design, marketing, and training, etc.

The school will develop alongside the gradual improvement of teaching facilities. Guided by CUMT’s general goal of constructing a multi-discipline research university, it will continuously strive for building itself into a new school that distinctively combines teaching with research.


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