Teaching Institutions of School of Art and Design

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Department of Environmental Art Design

The predecessor of Environment Design specialty is Interior Design, established in 1988. After more than twenty years of teaching, Environment Design is rated as Jiangsu Province Characterized Specialty in 2008. Students of this major actively participate in competitions like National Young Students Interior Design Competition and National College Students Art Competition and have achieved outstanding scores and win prizes one after author. Students are required to systematically master the professional knowledge and skills of environment design, link theory to practice and have the capabilities that are needed in environment design, creation, technical implementation, budget, management as well as other aspects. They also need to have the sense and ability of innovation, relatively high artistic appreciation as well as strong enough analytical and practical abilities. Graduates may work in design institutes, companies, colleges or universities that engaged in interior design, landscape environment design, public art creation and other fields and go in for creation, construction, management , teaching and research of environment art design.

Department of Industrial Design

Industrial Design is gradually established in recent years on the basis of Machinery Foundation specialty of the original School of Electromechanical and Materials Engineering as well as CAD Center. In 2003, School of Art and Design was established and Department of Industrial Design merged into it. At present, it annually enrolls about 90 undergraduate students, majoring in product design and information design. Besides, it also enrolls nearly 10 master’s degree candidates majoring in product design, information design, digital media, and visual design, etc. At the same time, it begins to cultivate master’s degree candidates majoring in industrial design engineering. The department has three sub-institutes: Institute of Product Design, Institute of Digital Media and Institute of Systematic Design. These three institutes together assume the teaching and research of product design, information design, media design, and system design, etc.

Department of Music

Department of Music was established in 2003 and now has one undergraduate specialty of Musicology, which has two research directions: music performance and planning as well as dance performance and planning. The department began to cooperate in cultivation with Vicenza Conservatory, which contributes to the improvement of teaching level. The department has 13 teachers and has a rational faculty structure. It has excellent experimental teaching conditions. Its specialized laboratories include a small concert hall, a MIDI laboratory with Apple system, and a piano room and so on. Since its establishment, the department has made huge achievements in campus culture construction, as well as scientific research. It has successively won more than one hundred prizes above provincial level, performed in many countries in Oceania and Southeast Asia on behalf of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), participated in theFinal of Chorus Competition of the 14th CCTV Singing Competition of Young Singers and ranked 22nd nationwide.

Center of Experiment Teaching

Center of Experiment Teaching was established in December of 2003. Its laboratory covers an area of 2000 square meters and is equipped with 870 experiment facilities with total value of 7 million yuan. The center is made up of several laboratories. The Computer Laboratory is used for teaching courses like Computer- aided Design (CAD). Digital Music and Media Laboratory, equipped with facilities like Apple computers and inkjetprinters, provides basic conditions for experiment teaching of digital media design courses. Wood Art and Model Studio manufactures newly developed design works as well as scale models needed by all design courses. Photograph Laboratory collects and manufactures materials for all courses with professional photographic equipment. Sculpture and Ceramics Studio is equipped with withdraw device, electrical kiln, and gas fired kiln, etc. Music Creation and Practice Laboratory can meet the teaching conditions with advanced equipment.