EducationTraining Division

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EducationTraining Division

Department Responsibilities

EducationTraining Division is in charge of our non-degreecoursesand is mainly responsible forthe guidance, auditmanagementand organizationandimplementation of our education training task. Main responsibilities are as follows.

  1. Weprotocol the whole work deployment and focus on our educationtraining task according to the development of the industry and theneed of local economic development.

  2. We formulateand improve rules andregulationsand carry them out.

  3. We approveand manage the whole training programs of our university. Meanwhile,we guide and coordinaterelated units to create brandprojectsand develop training market together.

  4. We auditand award all kinds of education training certificates.

  5. We regulateand supervise the schooling activities of all unitsand punish the violationof school running.

  6. We constructand manage off-campus teachingpractice basesand make them standardized.


  1. We negotiatetraining business with others outside on behave of our universityand sign training agreements.

  2. We auditand record all training programs inside our university.

  3. We auditand award all kinds of education training certificates.

  4. We integrateall kinds of resources in andout of campus,develop training market and hold all kinds of training programs.

Division Director

DivisionChief: Chen Zhongyuan§

Internal Institutions:


Wang Hu 0516-83885033,

Ni Hongjuan 0516-83995497,

Yang Jin  0516-83885127,

Fang Luofei 0516-83995908,

2.Training Division:

Zhang Shuang0516-83884095,

Liu Xuemei 0516-83884095,

Ou Changyue 0516-83883873,

Wang Yan 0516-83884095,

Li Hongyan0516-83885095,

Zhu Zhiying0516-83885095,