Introduction of School of Materials Science and Engineering

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School of Materials Science and Engineering grew out of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Beijing Institute of Mining, which was founded in 1954. In order to develop materials science and cultivate talents, School of Materials Science and Engineering was founded on the basis of the Department of Materials Engineering of School of Mechatronic Engineering and Materials Engineering and Institute of Reliability in December 2003. Up to September 2013, the School has a faculty of 61 and 48 full-time teachers including 13 professors, 24 associate professors, 7 doctoral supervisors and 50 master supervisors, among which there are 6 off-campus supervisors.

There are three institutes in the School, namely Institute of Materials Science, Institute of Material Engineering and Institute of Reliability. Meanwhile, there is one post doctoral program of Mineral Materials Engineering, one first-level discipline master program including three second-level disciplines of Materials Physics and Chemistry, “Materialogy” and Materials Science and Engineering, one engineering master station of Engineering Materials and two undergraduate majors, namely Materials Science and Engineering and Material Formingand Control Engineering”. Mineral Materials Engineering was awarded the Key Discipline of Jiangsu Province in 2006. There are Materials Science Laboratory, Materials Engineering Laboratory, Reliability Engineering Laboratory and Jiangsu Engineering Technology Center for Poly-silicon Material Preparation, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Hydro-chlorination Technology and Resource Utilization of Attapulgite Clay. All these labs cover an area of 6000.There is tens of large-scale instrument and equipment, such as scanning electron microscope, electronic universal testing machine, hip simulator, simultaneous thermal analyzer, nano-mechanical test instrument, solar cell test system and Vacuum Hot Pressure Sintering Furnace. All the equipment costs over 20 million yuan.

In recent five years, we have finished over 40 research subjects, such as those in 973 Program, 863 Program, National Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project, Natural Science Foundation of China and Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province. We have also obtained 40 patents and several awards, for example Second Prize of National Science and Technology Invention, First and Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Jiangsu Province and Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Ministry of Education. We have formed an outstanding feature in biological material preparation and performance evaluation, mineral material preparation and application, metallic material and surface engineering and energy and environmental materials. Whats more, we have made great progress in the research on implants bio-tribology, comprehensive utilization of mineral materials such as kaolin, mine wear-resistant material and battery and wastes reutilization.

Meanwhile, we put great attention to cultivate students comprehensive abilities. Students can access these labs and there is Laboratory Fund. Tutorial system is applied to undergraduate students. We provide technical guidance and funding for students innovative experiment and encourage them to develop science and technology innovation activities. They have earned awards of “national students invention of grand prix”, national studentschallenge cup and science and technology culture festival of CUMT. The proportion of students who pass the graduates exam or study abroad is over 35%. The employment rate is above 95% every year. Now most of graduates have been the technological backbones, some even been the international famous experts and some been leaders of government or enterprise and public institution.

We have formed our own feature of wide-knowledge, profound foundation, multi-level, distinct characteristics and paying attention to practice and innovation” in the long teaching time. In 2003, Materials Science and Engineering was awarded as Characteristic Discipline of Jiangsu Province and Materials Science and Engineering-Direction of Energy Materials was awarded as National Characteristic Discipline Development Center in 2011.