Key Discipline of Jiangsu Province of School of Materials Science and Engineering

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Mineral Materials Engineering is the key discipline of Jiangsu Province and Materials Science and Engineering is the Characteristic Discipline of Jiangsu Province and National Characteristic Discipline Development Center. There is one doctoral program of Mineral Materials Engineering, one first-level discipline master station including three second-level disciplines of Materials Physics and Chemistry, “Materialogy” and Materials Science and Engineering, one engineering master station of Materials Engineering. Besides, there are several provincial experimental co-building platforms, such as Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Resource Utilization of Attapulgite Clay, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Hydro-chlorination Technology, Jiangsu Engineering Technology Center for Poly-silicon and Photovoltaic Energy, Transport High Performance Aluminum Alloys Technology Center and Large Steel Structure Long-term Corrosion Resistance Engineering Technology Center.

We have finished several research subjects, such as national eighth five-year plan project, eleventh five-year plan project, 863, and Natural Science Foundation of China. We have made great achievements in attapulgite comprehensive utilization, friction and wear theory and wear-resistant material of mining machinery, mine corrosion prevention and support material, battery material, molybdenum materials recycling use, diatomite preparation ultrafine silicon dioxide function materials and comprehensive efficient utilization of asbestos tailings to produce ultrafine magnesium hydroxide.