The Post-doctoral Program of Computer Science & Technology

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The Postdoctoral Program of Computer Science & Technology was approved to run in Aug, 2012. It covers the first-tier doctoral and master programs of computer science & technology (including doctoral and master programs of computer application technology, computer software and theory, computer system structure), and disciplines and majors for postgraduates. Also, the postdoctoral program offers Engineering Master Degrees for Computer Science and Computer Software Engineering candidates.

Research directions:

Mine Intelligent Information Processing: mainly to make researches on major theories and key technologies in analyzing, integrating, amalgamating, processingof various, complex mine systems information.


Software Analysis and Information Systems Security: mainly to improve software reliability with software analysis and testing technology, spatial information analysis technology, and information systems security technology.

Mine Information Acquisition and Visualization:mainly to make researches on real-time data acquisition, processing and visualization of key technologies under special mine conditions, and realize integrated processing and visualization of real-time data with Virtual Reality Technology

Mine Safety Monitoring and Early Warning: mainly to make researches on Mine Safety Monitoring Distributed Data Access theory, build distributed data architecture and knowledge exploring method fit the mine safety monitoring and early warning features.

Director: Xia Shixiong

Contact: Niu Qiang

Tel: 051683591722