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School of Science, a school of general education, plays an important part in CUMT. It is founded in November 2000 on the basis of Department of Mathematics and Mechanics. There are three disciplines, namely Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics. In January 2010, Mechanics was disengaged from School of Science. Now, there are three first-level disciplines, namely Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, Physics Experiment Center and Numerical Calculation Experiment Center. Mathematics is authorized to confer the first-level discipline Doctor’s degree, Physics and Statistics are authorized to confer the first-level discipline Master’s degree respectively.


The teachers’ team, academic level and disciplinary power are improved gradually through the support of our university and our teachers’ effort. Currently, it has a faculty of 153, including 137 full-time teachers, 21 professors and 45 associate professors and teachers with seniorprofessional titles. The coaching team, making up the mojority by teachers in School of Science, has guided students to achieve great results in domestic and international mathematicalmodelingcontest. They have obtained one International Grand Prize, INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) Award in 2009 which was the highest award of China’s team, one International Special Mention in 2012, 18 International First Prizes , 48 International Second Prizes, 15 National First Prize and 30 National Second Prizes.


Currently, there are five undergraduate majors, namely, mathematicsandappliedmathematics, informationandcomputingscience, appliedphysics, optical information science and technology and statistics. Now, there are 1,200 students in our School, including 1,000 undergraduates and about 200 graduates and doctors. Up to July 2013, we have cultivated 3,900 graduate students, among which 3,550 are undergraduates and 450 are graduates.


In recent years, experimental equipment in Physics Experiment Center and Numerical Calculation Experiment Center has been improved both in quantity and in quality based on the support of the first and second stage of “211” Project, WorldBankloan, repairing and purchasing program of Ministry of Education, returnedoverseasstudents’ laboratory construction program of Ministry of Education and educational investment of CUMT and our School. Experimental equipment can meet not only the need of experimental teaching of public elementary courses for science and engineering students, such as physics experiment and numericalcalculation experiment, but also the need of professional experiment and thesis writing of undergraduates and graduates of our School. The total area of School of Science in Nanhu Campus is nearly 20,000 m2, including 8,000 m2 of laboratory.