Department of school of sciences

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1.Department of Physics

The whole name of Department of Physics is Department of Physical Science and Technology, which grew out of Physics Teaching Research Group in Department of Mathematics and Mechanics in 1998. It is a young and active department in CUMT. It has a faculty of 60 including 8 professors, 16 associate professors and 1 senior engineer, among which there are 8 doctorial supervisors and 17 master tutors. 93% of full-time teaches have a master degree and above, and 60% have a doctor degree. There is one member of Higher Education Teaching Instructive Committee (Professional Committee of Physics) of Ministry of Education and one committee member of National Science and Technology Award, two outstanding young teachers of “Jiangsu Higher Education Young and Middle-aged Talent Cultivation Project”, four young academic leaders of CUMT and 6 excellent young teachers in Department of Physics. It is honored as Excellent Teaching and Scientific Research Group of CUMT in 2008 and has an outstanding innovation team. Physics Experiment Center is the experimental teaching demonstration center of physics of Jiangsu Province. Theoreticalphysics and condensedstatephysics have been listed in the key disciplines of CUMT respectively in 2003 and 2007. There is a first-level discipline of master degree in our department.


There are two majors in our department, namely,Applied Physics and Optical Information Science and Technology, among which Applied Physics is the featurespecialty of Jiangsu Province.


In recent years, we have undertaken 81 programs, such as “corpus of 973 Project”, NaturalScienceFoundationofChina and Youth Fund. Our teachers have published 500 papers on academic journals at home and abroad, such as Physics Review Letters, Applied Physics Letters, Physics Review B, Physics Review E,Journal of Applied Physics, among which 235 have been included into SCI and 39 into EI.


Physics Experiment Center covers an area of 8,000 m2. In recent years, over 7 million yuan from WorldBankloan, repairing and purchasing program of Ministry of Education and our university supporting fund has been used to improve experiment condition. The total cost of apparatus is over 13 million yuan. There are universityphysics experiments, professional basic physics experiments, modernphysics experiments, digital-to-analogcircuit and other related experiments. Meanwhile, it is the base of innovation experiment, graduationproject experiment of undergraduates and graduates.


2.Department of Mathematics

Mathematics including statistics is the key discipline of CUMT and has two first-level disciplines, namely, mathematics and statistics. There is Department of Mathematics and Numerical Calculation Experiment Center. Mathematics discipline is authorized to confer the first-level discipline Doctor’s degree and statistics discipline is authorized to confer the first-level discipline Master degree.


There are 80 full-time teachers, 13 professors and 31 associate professors and other teachers with a senior professional title. Over 60% of them have a doctoral degree. Among them, one has been selected into “New Century Talents Project National Pacesetter”, four have been selected into “new or cross-century talents support program of Ministry of Education” and one has obtained national excellent Ph.D. thesis award. In recent years, they have undertaken one national outstanding young science fund, 35 key, general and youth projects of National NaturalScienceFoundation, and 5 national “973” key basic research development plan projects. The longitudinal scientific research expenditure is over 11 miliion yuan. They have published about 300 SCI papers and have earned one Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, 3 scientific research awards of Ministry of Education, First Prize of Provincial Excellent Teaching Achievement for 3 times. Over 150 students have been conferred Master Degree.


Mathematicalmodeling education team and the continual good achievements of international and domestic competition and “May Day Mathematical Contest in Modeling of CUMT” is a symbol of Mathematics. They have guided students to achieve great results in domestic and international mathematicalcontestinmodeling. They have obtained one International Grand Prize, INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) Award in 2009 which was the highest award of China’s team, one International Special Mention in 2012, 18 International First Prizes, 48 International Second Prizes, 15 National First Prize and 30 National Second Prizes.


There are three undergraduate majors, namely, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science and Statistics, among which Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is the characteristicspecialty of Jiangsu Province. Mathematics has been listed in key specialty construction site of Jiangsu Province. Currently, there are 500 students including 400 undergraduates and over 100 graduates and PhD’s.


Department of Mathematics is made up of Department of Mathematics basic course teaching, Mathematicsteachingandresearchsection, guidance center of mathematicalmodeling teaching, Numerical Calculation Experiment Center, Institute of Applied Mathematics and research centers for financialmathematics and statistics, numerical mathematics, figure and networkoptimization, equation and control, fundamentalmathematics and nonlinearequation.