Introduction of School of Mechanics and Civil Engineering

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School of Mechanics and Civil Engineering, CUMT has a long history. It originates from the major of Civil Engineering set in 1931, and established the independent school as School of Civil Engineering in 1996. In 2010, the discipline of Mechanics merged in, making this school a new era of School of Mechanics and Civil Engineering (SMCE).

lSMCE has the following departments:

Department of Bridge and Underground Engineering,

Department of Mechanics and Engineering Sciences

Department of Architectural Engineering

Department of Architecture

Department of Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering

Geotechnical Research Institute

Rock Mechanics and Engineering Research Institute

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Research Institute

Project Management Research Institute

Architecture and Urban Planning Research Institute

Mine Cooling and Heat Energy Utilization Research Institute

SMCE owns more than 200 staff members, including over 170 full-time teachers, 2 members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 member of UK Royal Academy of Engineering, over 50 professors, and over 60 associate professors. There are five undergraduates majors in SMCE, namely Civil Engineering, Architecture, Engineering Mechanics, Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering and Engineering Management.

Scientific research platforms are as follows:

3 state-level experimental platforms:

State Key Laboratory for Geo-mechanics and Deep Underground Engineering,

State Engineering Laboratory of Deep Mine Construction Technology

National Professional Engineering Practice Education Center for Civil Engineering

5 provincial experimental platforms:

Jiangsu Province Key Laboratory for Environmental Catastrophe and Civil Engineering Structures Reliability

Jiangsu Province Engineering Research Center for Building Energy Efficiency

Jiangsu Province Research Center for Deep Topsoil and Deep Freeze Construction Technology

Jiangsu Province Mechanical Test Demonstration Center

Innovative Practice Education Center for Civil Engineering

2 Provincial Collaborative Innovation Centers:

Building EnergySaving and Building Technology Engineering Center

Resource Utilization and Ecological Restoration Collaborative Innovation Center for the old Industrial Base

2 MunicipalExperimental Platforms:

Xuzhou Key Laboratory of Green Building and New Energy Utilization,

Xuzhou Public Service Platform for High Value-Added Utilization Technology of Industrial Solid Wastes

4 Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories

Architecture and Civil Engineering Experimental Center,

Underground Engineering Laboratory,

Building Structures and Materials Laboratory,

Bridge and Blasting Engineering Laboratory

1 Reference Room

Scientific research and technological services mainly concentrates on the following fields:

Deep Topsoil Artificial Freezing Theory and Basic Application of Engineering,

Deep Soil Mechanical Properties and Underground Engineering Structure Interaction

Mechanical Behavior of Deep Rock and Rock Stability Control Technology

Durability Theory of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Coal Mining Area Building Structure ProtectingTheory and Technology

Deep Underground Space Environment Regulation and Energy-Saving Technology

Mining Rock Mechanics and Engineering

Pore and Fracture Mechanics

Nonlinear Dynamics and Soft Rock Engineering

Computing and Photo-mechanics

Renovation Design and Research of Existing Buildings in Industrial and Mining Areas

Architecture Design Studies Based on Space Security

Sustainable Development and Urban Planning in Mining Areas

Ecological Reconstruction Planning forMining Areas

Since 2008, SMCE has shouldered more than 60 national projects, almost 100 provincial and ministerial projects, got access to over 100 million vertical project funds, and over 200 horizontal project funds. SMCE has won many honors including almost 10 national scientific and technological awards and more than 50 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological awards. Teachers in SMCE has published more than 120 dissertations in SCI, and over 500 in EI, and over 50 monographs.

SMCE strengthens cooperation and communications with foreign universities. In recent years, SMCE organized more than 400 high-level academic lectures, invited many famous scholars and from many international prestigious universities and authoritative research institutions. SMCE also sent over 100 teachers to study and research in universities in United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, and Singapore, etc.. SMCE has successively established academic exchange and scientific and technological cooperative relations with tens of universities and research institutions in dozens of countries.

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Secretary of the Party Committee:

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