A Brief Introduction to School of Resources and Geosciences

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The predecessor of School of Resources and Geosciences is the Departmentof Coal Geology. In 1950, the school was relocated in Tianjin and altered itsname to China College of Mining and Technology. It set up the teaching andresearch section of geological engineering and then established the Departmentof Coal Geology Engineering in 1951. In 1953, China College of Mining andTechnology moved to Beijing, and changed its name to Beijing College of Miningand Technology and the Department of Coal Geology. In 1970, the college movedto Sichuan Province, and was renamed as Sichuan College of Mining andTechnology. In 1980, the college eventually moved to Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province.In 1988, the college changed its name to the current China University of Miningand Technology. In 1995, on the basis of the Department of Coal Geology, Schoolof Resources and Environmental Science was established. Since then, theuniversity’s research field was greatly expanded. In 2000, the university madeadjustments of departments, and renamed it as School of Resources andGeosciences.

The school comprises several subordinate institutes: Institute of Geology, Institute of Mine Water Inrush Prevention and Control & Water Recourses , Institute of Coal Engineering Geology, Institute of Geo-information Science, Institute of Coalbed Gas Development Technology and Experiment and Teaching Center of Mining Geology. Its technology platforms include Ministry of Education’s Key Laboratory of Coalbed Methane Resources and Accumulation Process, Laboratory of Preliminary Research on Mine Water Inrushes of State Administration of Work Safety and Shale Gas Key Laboratory ofChina National Administration of Coal Geology. It now has 121 teaching and management staff members, including one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 30 professors, 37 associate professors, 27 doctoral student supervisors, and 76 master’s supervisors. At present, there are 1510 undergraduates and 457 postgraduates.

The school has two first-tier PhD programs as well as two Post-doctoral Research Mobile Station of Geological Resources and Geological Engineering and Geology. Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration is the State-level key discipline and Geo-detection and Information Technology is Jiangsu Province key discipline. Geological Resources and Geological Engineering is Jiangsu Province’s first-tier key discipline, first-tier State-level Key Discipline Cultivation Station and Advantageous Specialty Construction Project of Colleges in Jiangsu Province .Geology is Jiangsu Province key discipline. Geology, Geological Engineering, as well as Cartography and Geographic Information System are university-level key disciplines.Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration as well as Geo-detection and Information Technology are offered for distinguished professors of Chang Jiang Scholars Program. The school has 10 second-tier PhD programs, 2 cultivation directions(Geological Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering) for Master of Engineering and 3 first-tier MA programs, 13 second-tier MA programs with three having the qualification of enrolling students by itself.

The school has 5 undergraduate majors, including Geological Engineering, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Geophysics, Resources and Environment & Urban-rural Planning Management as well as Coal& Coalbed Methane Engineering. Geological Engineering is the state-level characterized-specialties-construction program, Jiangsu Province “brand-name” education program, and Jiangsu Province Twelfth Five-year Plan key specialty. Hydrology and Water Resource s Engineering and Geophysics are Jiangsu Province “Brand-name” Specialty, is Jiangsu Province Demonstration Center of Experiment Teaching. In conclusion, the school has established a relatively complete talents cultivation system covering undergraduate, postgraduate and professional degree education.

Contact Information of School Leaders and Office Directors

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   1     Jiang Bo       Party Sectary    83591002jiangbo@cumt.edu.cn
   2   Sui Wanghua    83591001suiwanghua@cumt.edu.cn
   3   Wang Boping     Deputy Party Sectary    83591003wbp@cumt.edu.cn
   4   Guo Yinghai     Associate Research Dean    83591005guoyh@cumt.edu.cn
   5 Dong Shouhua     Associate Teaching Dean    83591007zywt@cumt.edu.cn
   6Dong Qinghong     Associate Executive Dean    83591006dongqh@cumt.edu.cn
   7Wang Mengqian

Deputy–director-level instructor and Director  of  Students Management


   83590950wmq@ cumt.edu.cn
   8    Liu Yuguo

    Director of Party and

    Administration Affairs Office

   9   Xu Haifang

 Director of Teaching Management


  10   Feng Xue

 Director of Scientific Research and

 Postgraduates Management Office