Institute of Energy Geology

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Institute of Energy Geology has a teaching staff characteristic of reasonable structure and excellent qualities. Over 80% of the 23 teachers there have doctoral degrees and among them, there is 1 national teaching master, 7 doctoral supervisors, 6 associate professors and 10 master’s supervisors, which contributes to an academic team with wide coverage of research, prominent research features, full vitality and young and middle-aged doctors as the majority.

The institute comprehensively assures the teaching, practice, and scientific research for students at any level majoring in geology, geological engineering (including the relevant resources prospecting engineering, coal and coalbed methane engineering). It has one state-level key discipline of mineral prospecting and exploration, one key laboratory of coalbed methane resources and accumulation process under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, the right of degree-conferring of two first-tier PhD programs (geological engineering and geology), two disciplines with Cheung Kong ScholarsDistinguished Professor and two Post-doctoral Mobile Research Stations.

Besides teaching work, teachers of this institute still actively engage in scientific research, assume a great number of traverse and longitudinal research projects that related to energy study. These programs include National 973 Project, National 863 Project, National Technology Breakthrough Projects, and ones supported by Nation Natural Science Foundation. In recent years, cost of scientific research has been consecutively increasing, and so far, it has reached more than 10 million yuan.

The institute has made great academic achievements, including 10 items of prizes at state, provincial and ministerial level, the publication of over ten monographs and more than 50 scientific papers annually in domestic and foreign periodicals, one doctoral dissertation winningNational Excellent Doctoral Dissertationsas well as lots of state-level patents of invention and patents for utility models.