Institute of Coalbed Gas DevelopmentTechnology

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Among the twelve teachers working in the institute, there are 3 professors, 5 associate professors and 3 lecturers. The institute focuses on the research and teaching of exploration and development of unconventional gas, like coalbed gas, shale gas, and tight sandstone gas. In recent years, it has undertaken many research tasks, including National Science and Technology Major Project, National 973 Project, key and general programs supported by National Natural Science Foundation, as well as over 20 transverse and longitudinal research subjects supported by National Science Foundation for Young Scientists and National Science Foundation for Post-doctoral Scientists. The great research achievements made by the institute, including the publication of 5 monographs and over 150 academic papers are granted more than ten awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level.

So far, five stable research directions have come into being. They are:

1. Accumulation dynamics conditions and geology selection process of unconventional gas

2. Unconventional gas resources evaluation and prediction theory and method of favorable areas

3. Formation mechanism of accumulation and permeability zone of unconventional gas

4. Welldrilling, well completion, and fracturing technologies of unconventional gas

5. Reservoir drainage dynamic geological effect and numerical simulation technology

Professor Fu Xuehai is awarded Tianshan Scholarof Xinjiang University by the Ministry of Education

Professor Sang Shuxuns research achievements win several awards at provincial and ministerial levels

From November of 2012 to November of 2013, Professor Wu Caifang studied as a visiting scholar at the University of Queensland

Drilling & Tunneling Engineering edited by Associate Professor Li Julong is rated as Jiangsu Province Distinguished Textbook

Jiang Lijun is awarded Excellent Instructor of the First National College Students Competition of Geological Skills