Institute of Hydrology

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The Institute of Mine Water Inrush Prevention and Control & Water Resources now has 16 teachers. Among them, there are 3 professors, 5 associate professors, and 12 have doctor degrees. It has presided over and finished two items of National 973 Project, one item of the Seventh Five-year Plan Key Project of Science and Technology, one key project and 12 projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation, and one key project funded by the Ministry of Education. The institute has been awarded 1 second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress, and over 20 prizes of Technological Progress at provincial and ministerial level. It has published 9 monographs, 3 textbooks, more than 300 academic papers, and over 40 papers have been included in SCI, and over 100 in EI.

The institute has two MA programs of Hydrology and Water Resources as well asHydraulic Engineering, one PhD program of GeologicalEngineering, within which a research orientation of Groundwater Science, a Laboratory of Fundamental Research on Mine Water Inrush , with Class A qualification for Survey and Evaluation ofHydrological-engineering-environmental Geology and Class B qualification for Geological Survey.

Its Research orientations include pre-warning and control of water inrush, grouting for water blocking and floor renovation, hydro-geological investigation (including experiments on water pumping and draining)evaluation and management of water recourses, water environment protection and recycling of wastewater,runoff formation and flow concentration& hydrological simulation, underground coal gasification, etc.