Introduction of School of Management

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School of Management of China University of Mining and Technology was founded in 1953. In 1981, the department was accredited to grant master degree in management engineering, and the doctorate degree of management engineering was granted in 1986. In 1998, the post doctoral program in management science and management was set up. In 2002, Management Science and Engineering was ranked as a key discipline in Jiangsu Province. Currently, the School has two first tier Ph.D. programs, including management science and engineering and public management and five second-tier Ph.D. programs consisting of financial engineering and risk management, financial management and systems engineering, engineering management, energy and resource management and safety management, four first-tier Bachelor Degree programs which are management science and engineering, business administration, applied economics and statistics, eight second-tier Bachelor Degree programs, including management science and engineering, business management, technology economy and management, accounting, finance, industrial economics, quantitative economics and international economics and trade, and six professional masters degree programs which are Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), accounting, logistics engineering, assets appraisal and industrial engineering as well as China-Canada cooperatively-run MBA programs. Accounting was awarded as national first-rank featured discipline development center. Business administration was awarded as first class discipline development center of Jiangsu Province. Marketing was ranked as feature specialty and brand specialty of Jiangsu Province. The School also has one key subject at the provincial level, a ministerial-level key subject and four provincial key disciplines. The School also has Jiangsu Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science research bases of energy economy and management and International Energy Policy Research Center of Education Department of Jiangsu Province.

The School has 164 people on its faculty and staff, including 143 full-time teachers, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 33 professors and 53 associate professors. 91 full-time teachers have got their doctorates, accounting for 64% of the full-time teachers. Additionally, there are 21 well-known adjunct professors, visiting professors and distinguished professors. The School has seven departments and four research institutions. They are the Department of Accounting, Department of Business Administration, Department of Human Resources, Department of Marketing, Department of E-commerce, Department of Finance, Department of International Economy and Trade, Research Institution of the Complexity of Economy and Management, Research Institution of Energy Economy and Management, Research Institution of Resource Accounting and Finance, and Research Institution of Coal Exploitation Strategy and Policy.

The School has excellent conditions. The School of Management Building covers an area of 16,000 square meters, and has the national feature discipline development center of accounting. The school is equipped with advanced multimedia classrooms, case study rooms, economic management simulation laboratory, business management decision sand table simulation laboratory, team spirit training base and modern library. The school pays attention to foster studentsconsciousness of innovation and pioneering spirit. The school tries to improve studentsinnovative and enterprising ability, and the ability to analyze and solve problems through theory study, case study, academic lectures, team training, field visits and so on. The school has conducted international exchanges and cooperation actively, and has cooperated with Canadas University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) to cultivate MBA students. The school is also active in promoting cooperation with corporations and governments, such as holding various and multilevel educational training, exploring new modes of joint running of schools and establishing teaching field bases in nearly 40 big enterprises.

Since 2008, the school staff and faculty have published 1,780 academic papers and 60 books. It has completed 100 scientific reports and the research fund was over 83 million yuan, in which government-sponsored project fund was over 18 million yuan. The school also accomplished 33 projects supported by the National Science Foundation of China, including two major national research projects and one key research project supported by National Nature Science Foundation, 9 National Social Science Fund Projects including one major project supported by National Social Science Foundation, as well as more than 80 provincial and ministerial projects. The teachers have published over 1,900 academic papers, including over 40 periodicals published in SCI and SSCI, 406 periodicals in EI and CSSCI and 1,080 core journals, winning over 30 prizes of ministerial level.

The School will continue to build a team of well-trained teachers, cultivate high-quality talents and conduct high-level scientific research so as to enhance distinctive discipline construction, strengthen teachersquality, promote the innovation of talent cultivation model and improve the academic, teaching and scientific research innovative ability and service ability. Faculties and students will strive to build a harmonious school, push school-running to new heights, and achieve the objective in the construction of a distinctive, innovative and leading research University in China.