Basic Information of School of Sports

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School of Physical Education

School of Physical Education began to offer undergraduate courses in 2000. For the time being, it has two majors: Physical Education and Social Sports and nearly 400 students at school. The teaching process emphasizes on providing students with opportunities of developing operational and practical capacity, strengthening professional skills training, guiding practice with theory so as to improve students’ practical capacity and gradually form the school’s teaching characteristics.

The cultivation targets of Physical Education : To cultivate senior specialized talents who develop in an all-around way, have solid foundation, strong capacity, high quality, a strong sense of social responsibility, certain sense of innovation as well as sufficient international vision, and are able to be engaged in physical education and training in various types of clubs, fitness clubs, and schools at any level.

The cultivation targets of Social Sports Guidance and Management: To cultivate senior specialized talents who develop in an all-around way, have solid foundation, strong capacity, high quality, a strong sense of social responsibility, certain sense of innovation as well as enough international vision, and are able to be engaged in business management and development of sport industry in the field of social sports.

Department of Public Sports

China University of Mining and Technology has fine traditions with a long history of sports culture. During its 100-year education course, sports education has always been of great significance. Department of Public Sports now has 24 teachers, including 10 Party members, 2 professors and 12 associate professors. The department mainly assumes public sports education, organization of sports competitions, extra-curriculum activities, and physical fitness tests, etc.

In recent years, open to all students and guided by the Outline of National College Physical Education Course, CUMT has produced its distinctive college physical education curriculum system that conforms to the requirements of education development of 21st century with teaching content reform and curriculum system construction as the core, and has been remains advanced in physical education. CUMT once rated College Education as one of its excellent courses and was honored as Excellent College in the assessment of national college physical education course. While making great efforts to public sports teaching, the department is also active in the research of physical education. In recent two years, teachers of this department have been awarded three items of social science funds of the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province, acquired 11 Jiangsu Province departmental-level research subjects, published over 30 academic papers in core journals, and edited five textbooks and monographs. Eight teachers are awarded university-level prizes for excellent teaching quality, ten are awarded university-level prizes for Excellent Teaching Achievements Award and four are awarded Coal Sports Association Advanced Individuals in Physical Education.

Institute of Sports Science

Institute of Sports Science was established in April of 2008 with one dean and two staff members. The three members, all have a doctor’s degree, respectively graduate from Tsinghua University, Beijing Sports University and South China Normal University. Their study orientations cover sports law, tests of students’ physical fitness, sports teaching and training. Institute of Sports Science deals with research achievements, thesis guidance, instruction of application for research tasks, report meetings of academic papers, academic lectures, and monitoring of students’ physical fitness. Since its establishment, the institute has made great academic achievements. It publishes about 15 academic papers in sports-related core journals annually, 6 monographs and has finished over 30 subjects supported by National Social Science Fund, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Fund, as well as Jiangsu Province Sports Bureau. The institute will further focus on the hot spots and difficulties of domestic sports development and resolve these problems with knowledge of various disciplines. In addition, making beast use of its facilities and knowledge, it will continuously provide good service for all teachers and students.

Center of Sports Competition Training

Center of Sports Competition Training deals with the management of enrollment, students’ information, spots training and competition as well as daily activities of advanced-level sports team.

The center is well organized with smooth operation mechanism, clear division of work and responsibilities as well as sound rules and regulations. During its construction of the coach team, it persistently sticks to the guideline of “going out and bringing in”. While actively introducing top class coaches, it attaches greater importance to spot and cultivate sports talents among the university’s teachers, especially the young ones. Thus, a high-level coach team characteristic of good ideological quality, highly professional skills and rational structure has been gradually established.

The center’s outstanding performance in all types of national sports competitions helps CUMT gain more popularity, greatly improves the cohesion of all its teachers and students, and makes huge contributions to fulfilling its education philosophy of building brands and developing unique style. High scores in all items of competitions also secure CUMT’s leading position in national competitive sports and wins for it recognition and praises from other colleges or universities.




Experimental Center of Sports Science

Experimental Center of Sports Science, set up in 2002, has three subordinate labs: Laboratory of Sports Physiology, Laboratory of Sports Anatomy as well as Room of Health Care and Rehabilitation. It mainly assumes. It covers an area of 240 square meters and its total assets of experimental apparatus and devices reach over one million yuan. These experimental apparatus and devices include vestibular function swivel chairs, MONARK ergonomic bicycles, treadmills, body composition analyzers, time reaction determinators, electric model of blood circulations, electric spiro-meters, heart rate telemeters, perimeters, cervical traction machines, archaistic bronze acupuncture figures, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruments, etc. They provide students with practice opportunities and basically meet the needs of experiment teaching.

The center now has one experiment technician and two experiment teachers with the academic title of associate professor. They are rich in teaching experience, highly responsible for their work and they conduct experiment teaching strictly according to the requirements of syllabus.