Basic Information of School of Foreign Study

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SFS was first established as Russian Teaching and Research Section in 1953, and upgraded as SFS in 2000.

Sectors are as follows:

Foreign Language Sector for Non-English Majors

English Studies (including multilingual teaching and research section)

German Studies

Translation Studies (in preparation)

Business English Studies

5 research laboratories are as follows;

Comparative Language and Culture Studies Laboratory

Translation Studies Laboratory

English for Specific Purposes Laboratory

Pragmatics and Applied Linguistics Laboratory

Comparative Literature Laboratory

Other research centers are as follows:

International Chinese Culture Comparative Research Center

International Coal Energy Policy Research Center

Cross-culturalCommunication Research Center

Translation Center

Experimental Teaching Center

Foreign Language Training Center

SFS has 2 Undergraduate Programs, namely English major and German major, a first level master program as ForeignLanguagesandLiteratures, 2 second level master programs as Englishlanguageandliterature, foreignlinguisticsandappliedlinguistics, and a MTI program.

There are 12 language laboratories, including 5 digital network language laboratories. There is also a most advanced simultaneousinterpretation laboratory and an open language laboratory.

Staff members:

136 teachers in total

122 full-time teachers

8 professors (including 1 Distinguished Adjunct Professor)

36 associate professors

13 foreign teachers

Achievements and Honors during 2008 to 2012

55 national, provincial and ministerial or university- level projects

564 Dissertations

39 textbooks and monographs

Chinese Government Award (for Books)

National Outstanding Coal Education Achievements Award of China Coal Education Association

Higher Education Scientific Research Achievement Award in Jiangsu Province

SFS implements an international education principle, establishes relations with many famous universities in the world, like University of Birmingham, UK, Germany Duisburg-Essen University, University of Oldenburg, AhHeng University, Griffith University, Australia, Swinburne University of Technology, Rowan University, USA, etc.

SFS sends students to these universities every year, for exchanging studies and social practices, and arranges teachers abroad for communications and Chinese teaching, and meanwhile, invites many famous scholars to come to give lectures in SFS.