Basic Information of School of Adult Education

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China University of Mining and Technology ( hereafter referred to CUMT) started to offer higher education for adults in 1955. It is also one of the three pilot engineering colleges that initially provided higher correspondence education nationwide. College of Adult Education is a second-level college and themanagement department under CUMT.In May of 2012, CUMTset up College of Network Education,and was merged with College of Adult Education.

The main campus of College of Adult Education (College of Network Education included) covers an area of 50 mu(750 hectares)and a building area of over 25,000 square meters and is well equipped with teaching and living facilities. At present, the college has a faculty of 41 members and 7 subordinate departments, including Office of Party and Government Affairs, Admissions Office, Teaching Management Office, Office of Distance and Continuing Education,Office of Self- taught Examination,Wenchang Branch of Directly Subordinate Correspondence Station, the First Branch of Directly Subordinate Correspondence Station,etc,with 22 correspondence stations established in 13 provinces, cities and districts nationwide.Thus, a relatively independent entity of higher education for adults has come into being.

60 years since then, the college persistently sticks to the education concept of “education-oriented and moral education first”. In order to meet people’s pressing demands for higher education, it has successively founded degree education for adult higher education (past-time education, correspondence education as well as distance continuing education) and remedial education for self-taught examination (self-taught examination of difficult subjects), set up for undergraduates and junior college students more than 30 majors, including those in mining, management, architecture, machinery, electrical engineering, finance, law, geology, surveying and mapping, to name only a few, and finally established an education system featuring various levels, forms and channels. It devotes itself to innovating teaching methods and accelerating availability of digital learning resources.As a result, it has realized the modern distance education in core majors like mining and machinery and achieved prominent effects. Its graduates enjoy high reputation and are welcomed by employers due to excellent qualities and high competence.

The College is run by law,emphasizes teaching quality,and thus makes great achievements.In 1997,it was awarded as“Excellent School in Nationwide Evaluation of Higher Education for Adults”.In 2007, 2009 and 2011,it was successively granted by China National Coal Association as“Advanced Education Unit for Modern Distance Education in National Coal Industry”,“Outstanding Contribution Award for Online Training of Modern Distance Education in National Coal Industry”,and “Advanced Unit for Human Resources Management . In December of 2011, it was rated by Ministry of Education as“Demonstration Base for Continuing Education of Institutions of Higher Learning” as well as “Model College in Construction of Digital Learning Resources”.In 2012,it was named “Advanced Collective for management of School Roll and Academic Credentials of National Higher Education”.

Standing on the new starting point,the faculty with vigorous spirit and innovative work will make further contributions to the construction of a learning society and life-long education service system, the sustainable development of the coal industry,and the cultivation of more and better applied talents with high quality for local economic and social construction.