National Key Discipline

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Mining Engineering Discipline of CUMT was started in 1936 and became one of the first national key disciplines in1988. During the 2005 national undergraduate professional evaluation, mining engineering of CUMT came first in A++ ranking of national engineering disciplines. The discipline owns a high-level academic team under the leadership of Academician Qian Minggao. Currently, it has a faculty of 60,among which 34 have a doctor degree.

In recent years, during the development of national key discipline of mining engineering, we put emphasis on strengthening the fundamental theory research and improve the existing theory and technology system of mining and surrounding rock control. Furthermore, we set up the the oretical framework of green mining. In addition, we conduct scientific research on strata movement and green mining, the filling of solid waste, underground coal gasification, water protection mining, surrounding rock control of deep well complex soft rockroad ways, high yield and high efficiency mining and monitoring security, rockburst and informatization and digitization of mines, which forms a newcharacteristic research direction and plays an important role inhigh-efficiency green mining of coal resources and the sustainable development of national economy.

The discipline has achieved four main representative results during the construction of the tenth five-year plan, namely framework of green mining theory and technology of coal resource, pre-stressed anchor control technology in coal roadway, rock-burst prediction and control technology and the mining engineering talent cultivation model toward the 21st century.